AIDS – dream interpretation

AIDS is the abbreviation for the English term “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, which means “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”. The HIV virus can cause this disease, in which the patient’s immune system is severely weakened. As a result, infections and tumors increase.

AIDS - dream interpretation

Nowadays, the AIDS disease can be kept under control with medication, so that an almost normal life with a good life expectancy is possible. This eliminates the need for a long-term stay in the hospital.

Every adult will be familiar with the disease AIDS. But what does this illness mean when it appears to you in a dream? What does this dream symbol mean?

Revisit your dream and pay attention to all the details you saw. Because these are also important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “AIDS” – the general interpretation

At the general level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “AIDS” often symbolizes difficulties in the life of the dreaming, in which he feels that they will never end. It can therefore be on a constant Burden point out what the dreamer constantly carries on his shoulders.

In addition, AIDS as a dream symbol can be exaggerated to the dreamer perfectionism in relation to one’s own person. In this context, the general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “AIDS” as an invitation to have more confidence in your own skills and knowledge.

Another interpretation within the general dream interpretation for the dream symbol “AIDS” is the reference to a physical, emotional or mental imbalance inside the dreaming. The dreamer should look for the cause of this imbalance in the waking world in order to then improve or eliminate it if necessary.

If the dream symbol “AIDS” is interpreted primarily in the direction of a viral disease, it becomes a symbol of an exaggerated one profit-oriented attitude to life of the dreamer. This gradually “infects” his entire actions in the waking world and poses a threat to his inner balance.

Dream symbol “AIDS” – the psychological interpretation

Panic before the disease AIDS. This interpretation is further supported when the dreamer constantly looks for gloves while sleeping or feels a strong urge to put on rubber gloves at every opportunity. He may not have been aware of this strong feeling of fear in his waking life and only expresses it in his dream.

Furthermore, the psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “AIDS” as the dreaming’s wish for protection or help as well as a sign for a low self-esteem. These result from an inadequacy in the dreamer’s mental life.

In addition, AIDS as a dream symbol can be explained according to the psychological interpretation of dreams in the sense that the dreamer is doomed to suffer in his sleep because he has neglected his inner voice. He should listen more to his inner self in the future.

Dream symbol “AIDS” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “AIDS” as a sign of excessive of the dreamer.

Furthermore, it can also be interpreted as a reminder to stop judging yourself and other people.

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