Heather – dream interpretation

Heather has numerous different names in the different regions of Germany, for example Erika, Broomwort or Brandheide. The plant grows primarily on the barren soil of peat bogs and sand dunes.

The herb covers it like a carpet, and in late summer and autumn the entire landscape seems to be colored in the violet tones of the numerous small flowers. In medicine, these are the basis for an essence that is used to treat rheumatism and eczema. As a tea, the herb helps with urinary tract diseases. In Bach flower therapy, the undemanding autumn bloomer represents self-centeredness and neediness on the one hand, and helpfulness and empathy on the other.

A dream in which heather plays a role certainly has something calming about it. Especially when it’s in bloom, you can definitely enjoy the sight of a whole field of these plants. The condition of the plant is crucial in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “heather” – the general interpretation

Heather is an auspicious dream symbol in dream interpretation. If the plants are green and blooming in the dream and especially if there is also a lot of forest to be seen in the dream, the dreamer can be optimistic that his hopes will be fulfilled. The undemanding, almost indestructible plants with the pretty little flowers are a dream symbol for the prosperity of a modest one lucky.

If the heather is withered and dry in the dream, one goes Relationship to the end. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol has the function of drawing the dreamer’s attention to it so that if necessary Conclusion can move under a love that has already cooled down.

In popular dream interpretation, seeing heather in a dream often means that the current situation will change shortly.

When someone collects the plant, it expresses the need to find a means by which one can stay young for a long time.

Dream symbol “heather” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol means “heather” emotional stability. The dreamer is internally balanced and rests within himself. The plant can also promise a carefree life as a symbol of freedom from worries.

Since heather blooms late and brings colorful splashes of color into autumn, the dream symbol for older people is seen in dream interpretation as a sign of a peaceful, pleasant time. When younger people dream of heather, the dream often announces the end of a phase that the dreamer perceives as positive.

The resilience of the heather plant has a high priority in dream interpretation. That’s why the dream symbol often embodies this Perseverance and the perseverance of the dreamer, with which he can ultimately prevail against competitors or opponents. He doesn’t let himself be defeated that easily.

Dream symbol “heather” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “heather” in dream interpretation represents a section that follows a phase of destruction and that Emergence of the new announces.

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