throw off – dream interpretation

What does the dream symbol “throw off” mean? How exactly can it be interpreted? What is crucial for the individual dream analysis is who or what we were thrown off by in the dream. You should also pay attention to what you are currently experiencing in reality. Often the key to interpretation only emerges when we put what happens in our dreams in direct relation to our lives.

Dream symbol “throw off” – the general interpretation

If you want to correctly interpret the dream image of “throwing off”, you should remember the overall context of the dream situation again. For example, it may happen that you dreamed of riding a horse or Pegasus and being thrown off it.

For the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “throw off” in this context means that there is something for the dreamer Danger announces. If he currently has business plans, he should definitely refrain from signing any contracts. A competitor may also have a hand in the matter with the intention of boycotting a lucrative business. Be alert! Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, there is a risk of a nasty crash.

Another possible interpretation distinguishes between the dream of a woman and that of a man. If a woman is thrown off a horse, she will face short-term consequences Lovesickness. If the horse throws a man off in a dream, this heralds the loss of an animal he loved very much.

The dream symbol “throw off” can also appear to us when it comes to ball games in a dream. Anyone who deliberately throws a ball, such as a handball, at an opponent during a game must expect to soon be hit by the ball fateful whims of life to be met.

In reality, anyone who lies on the ground after being thrown and stays there will only have difficulty and slow recovery from blows of fate. If you are thrown off in a dream and still remain uninjured and upright, from the dream interpreter’s point of view there is no reason to worry. Even when life hits hard – the dreamer is resilient enough not to be overwhelmed by the storms of life.

Dream symbol “throw off” – the psychological interpretation

From the point of view of dream psychologists, the appearance of the dream symbol “throw off” shows the current one It rises the dreaming person loses their firm footing in life. Unfavorable living conditions may have put you in existential danger. Now people fear that they will no longer be able to make a living independently.

This is often due to fear Dependency in the foreground of the dreamer. Anyone who is dependent on others gives up control and is therefore no longer the one who can make decisions independently and alone.

However, if you have been thrown off a horse during a fast ride, your subconscious may be showing you that you are Pace of life should slow down a little. The dreamer seems to be constantly in the fast lane, which can lead to you becoming inattentive and superficial. Shift down a gear and slow down. Then nothing will knock you off your feet in real life.

Dream symbol “throw off” – the spiritual interpretation

The transcendent dream interpretation interprets the dream image “throw off” as a request to the dreaming person, past to throw off ballast and to create space inside for new things.

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