Acrobatics – dream interpretation

Acrobatics is something we associate with circus and outstanding gymnastics. The acrobats fly through the air seemingly effortlessly, stacking themselves on top of each other in human pyramids and controlling their bodies in a way that leaves “normal” people speechless. But even a simple split or handstand is difficult for many spectators to imitate – this requires a lot of training, ideally every day.

Since the 1980s, untrained acrobats have been trying out parkour in the middle of streets and on house roofs, an extreme sport in which “simple” but sporty teenagers and young people try to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible through skillful body movements.

Our dream world can also revolve around the dream symbol “acrobatics”. The dream interpretation explains how to interpret it in the following article.

Dream symbol “acrobatics” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “acrobatics” is often a reference to a impending disaster or viewed as mischief. If you believe the prophecies of old dream interpreters, you would be wise not to take a trip in the short term after such an acrobatic dream. Important decisions should also not be made during the current period.

If you see an acrobat in the dream situation, this means for the dreamer’s waking world that he should definitely listen to the concerns expressed by outsiders, as this will prevent him from putting plans into action that have a big impact Potential danger represent. So don’t just brush objections off the table, but rather think twice about whether it would make sense to change something in your plans or simply wait a while before implementing them.

If you are an acrobat in your dream, you will have to expect ridicule and scorn in the waking world, although this is usually to be expected from people with whom you have never had a good time eating cherries and who you would describe as enemies in the classic sense .

Financial worries and a damaged reputation threatens women who see themselves in dreams as perfect acrobats and who are very confident in themselves and their abilities. Maybe you see yourself shining in the spotlight and are so busy admiring yourself that you don’t notice other people’s negative reactions. For the waking world, this means examining the subjective view of oneself. This may be the only way to realize what arrogant and perhaps arrogant behavior you have displayed.

Dream symbol “acrobatics” – the psychological interpretation

If you dream of doing acrobatics yourself, you want confirmation and in a psychological sense admiration other people. Even if this means that you have to perform a few tricks to get their attention and risk your neck in the process.

If you train the same acrobatic exercise over and over again, such as a flick-flack, this suggests that you are a very perfectionistic person. You are only satisfied when something works one hundred and ten percent.

Acrobatics is an art in which things can sometimes go wrong. If you miss your partner’s hand in a dream, there is something in life that you have not yet fully understood. Here the dream symbol “acrobatics” wants to tell us: Take a closer look! Uncertainty or even a fall when balancing acrobatically indicates that one is easily influenced and lacks self-confidence.

Dream symbol “acrobatics” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual context, the dream image of “acrobatics” shows on the one hand mental flexibility of the dreamer.

On the other hand, the dream symbol represents the ability to perceive extraordinary events more consciously than other people.

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