Marriage – dream interpretation

While a wedding is perceived as a romantic event, marriage is a state that also has economic and legal consequences. Anyone who enters into a marital union with another person at the registry office and consummates the marriage takes on certain rights and obligations, for example the material provision of each other. If the marriage ends in divorce, one partner may have maintenance claims.

In most cultures, marriage between close relatives is not permitted. In Germany, a marriage can only consist of two people. However, there are some countries where polygamy, i.e. marriage between multiple people, is common.

If someone dreams of being married, it may reflect their actual situation, which they are currently very busy with. Maybe he is in a long-term relationship and wants to marry his partner now. The connection to real life is an important factor when interpreting dreams.

Dreams about marriage can be very diverse. In the following sections you will learn more about the most common dreams and the interesting, different ways of interpreting this dream symbol:

Dream symbol “marriage” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Marriage people – who was dreamed about?

Dream spouse: here is the interpretation!

When you dream about your husband, the emotions you feel play a particularly important role. If these were positive, this probably heralds harmony in the real world. If negative feelings came to the fore, problems could arise in the marriage. Have you had sex with your husband? This can, among other things, express the need for closeness.

Husband dies in dream…until death do you part

If the husband dies in the dream world, this should not be interpreted as a harbinger of the real death of the beloved man. Rather, there is a process of development and change behind it that can sometimes lead to a solution to problems and difficulties that exist in the marriage.

The wife in the dream analysis

According to general dream interpretation, a wife in a dream symbolizes certain expectations and wishes that the dreaming person has. Perhaps the person feels an intense longing for something and associates it with the image of their wife in the dream world.

A married couple – oh, oh, what do I see in my dream

A married couple’s interpretation can be very different depending on the specific dream event and personal situation. If you perceive the married couple in your dream as a harmonious couple, it is possible that you will feel lonely. If you are in a relationship, the dream can indicate imminent problems.

Marriage with a stranger: why do I dream about it?

Have you dreamed of marriage to a stranger? If so, you should open yourself up to new developments in your life, especially if you are currently at a crossroads. Additionally, the dream may symbolize dissatisfaction regarding sexual matters in a relationship. Are there perhaps secret sexual desires and fantasies?

Marriage with ex? A strange dream

Anyone who dreams of a marriage with their ex is asked by this dream to remember past things and not to forget them, despite a new phase in life. The ex-husband or ex-wife symbolizes good and bad experiences, all of which are valuable for one’s own future. Knowledge and memories of the past can be an important aid in making decisions.

How romantic! The marriage proposal in a dream

If you dream of a marriage proposal, it can be interpreted both positively and negatively. On the positive side, this reflects a willingness to change and an awareness of taking on responsibility. From a negative perspective, there may also be hidden fears of loss in the dream.

The marriage ceremony. Everything about the wedding ceremony

Marriage license – often required even in dreams

Even if there is now largely freedom to marry, it may well be that the dreamer is dealing with a marriage or marriage license while sleeping. Such a dream situation is intended to show the dreamer that he needs the support of other people in order to implement a project and thus achieve happiness and satisfaction.

Marriage preparations in the dream world: Let’s go!

If we dream of marriage preparations, this generally symbolizes the anticipation of something in the waking world. We may hope that certain wishes will be fulfilled in the future. If the preparations for marriage go well and smoothly in the dream, it may well be that our dreams will come true.

The marriage takes place in a dream

Depending on the role of the sleeping person in the dream, a marriage or wedding ceremony can be interpreted differently. If she herself took part in it as a bride or groom, this indicates possible joy and success. Simply taking part in such an event as a guest indicates new projects that can soon be tackled.

Seeing a wedding ring in dreams

Behind a wedding ring in a dream are interpersonal relationships that you either want or that already exist. The ring also represents infinity. If you have lost your wedding ring in your dreams, this can symbolically refer to an impending separation.

That’s it: When the dream marriage falls apart

Dreaming of adultery

Adultery is a very complex dream symbol. It can represent a bad conscience as well as herald failure and can present itself to the sleeper as either a fear dream or a wishful dream. If your partner cheats in a dream, there may be fears of loss in relation to your own partner.

Marriage separation – nightmare or salvation?

Marriage and divorce are often not far apart, even in dreams. If someone dreams of a marriage dissolution, on the one hand a connection to real life is possible. On the other hand, the dream also warns against endangering your own partnership. Furthermore, the dream events with the ex-partner can be seen as an indication of an inner conflict.

If a marriage contract comes into play in a dream, family troubles intensify in waking life. Real married life can also be shaken by the dream image. If you don’t speak openly with your partner now, you may have to deal with the consequences for a long time.

Dream symbol “marriage” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, getting married in a dream is usually a sign of a peaceful and happy future. However, the dream symbol also points to the Commitment to this institution. People who are actually in a committed relationship often dream of getting married. Presumably the dreamer is now completing a real thought in the dream.

If the person with whom one is married in the dream is a stranger, this is, according to the dream interpretation, a possible expression of lonliness and longing for a solid connection. The dream symbol can also indicate sexual dissatisfaction in an existing love relationship.

For popular dream interpretation, the spouse in the dream is an important clue to deciphering the dream. If it is a very unattractive person, the dream symbol “marriage” warns of repugnant events and bad conditions. If a man dreams of a wife, this heralds prosperity.

A woman’s dream about a husband promises a good one care in the future. If you enter into marriage with a widower or a widow, the dreamer may have to expect worries.

A happy marriage alliance is a dream symbol of financial gains and business success. In dream interpretation, a divorce is, among other things, an indication of slander. The breaking up of a marriage in a dream warns you to critically question the extent to which your own actions harm the dreamer. If you see yourself as single again after a marriage, this can indicate real difficulties in the relationship.

Dream symbol “marriage” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “marriage” expresses the dream interpretation Longing looking for a harmonious love relationship on which you can build your future. Although this can be purely a wishful dream, the dreamer may actually be in the process of forming a strong relationship in real life.

If you perceive the dream as negative because the husband in the dream behaves like a pasha, for example, the dream symbol is one warning. The subconscious makes the dreamer aware of his doubts in this regard. According to the dream interpretation, the dreamer should ask himself whether he is basically ready for marriage.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, anyone who dreams of an existing marital relationship is at peace with themselves. Marriage is a dream symbol for the Union opposing parts of being that the dreamer strives for or has already achieved. If the marriage fails in the dream, this is a possible sign of a disturbed mental balance.

In dream interpretation, a marriage that came about under duress is sometimes an indication of obsessions from which it is better to break away. The death of a spouse represents oppression and displacement of the dreamer’s own personality parts. In this case, the dream symbol “marriage” warns of an impairment of mental health.

Dream symbol “marriage” – the spiritual interpretation

Marriage is a union between two people, usually between a man and a woman. The dream symbol therefore stands for the spiritual dream interpretation overcoming and reconciliation of opposites.

In the dream, the balance between female and male forces, body and soul, as well as mind and feeling is restored through the marriage bond.

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