Ivy – dream interpretation

Ivy is primarily native to Western, Central and Southern Europe. It prefers to grow in forests, but also in quarries or ruins. It often climbs up trees, but does not harm them. Ivy is often used to add greenery to walls, fences or facades, as it protects the overgrown area from the weather and also acts as thermal insulation. It also has an important function as it offers a habitat for many insects and a nesting place for birds.

In ancient times, ivy was considered a plant of the gods. Both the ancient Egyptian god Osiris, the Greek Dionysus and the Roman Bacchus were depicted with wreaths made of ivy.

Dream symbol “ivy” – the general interpretation

The ivy is interpreted very differently as a dream image. In order to find the right interpretation, the details are often crucial.

On the one hand, ivy is a popular breeding ground and home to insects that can suck out and harass people. The dream interpretation sees the ivy as romantic in a more positive way Liebesnest interpreted.

If the ivy in the dream world is fresh and green, then it symbolizes happiness in love and long-lasting friendships. Sometimes it also represents the good Health of the dreamer if the ivy is not torn out of the ground in the dream.

If the dreamer sees the ivy climbing up trees, then this dream image is one warning from false joys. If ivy grows on walls, it symbolizes the consolidation of an already existing relationship. A loyal friendship is shown by ivy, which is woven into a wreath.

If a young woman dreams of ivy, then she will have many in waking life Honors and received great recognition. If the ivy grows on a wall in the moonlight in your dream, secret meetings with men are on the horizon.

A negative sign is very often a wilted ivy. In conjunction with other negative dream images, it symbolizes separations, worries and grief.

Dream symbol “ivy” – the psychological interpretation

The dream of ivy is considered in the psychological interpretation of dreams as announcements of Celebrate and Enjoyment interpreted. However, it can also be a sign of lasting affection, which takes the form of a Friendship or a love relationship.

In this context, the ivy that grows up walls can also be interpreted positively, as it symbolizes durability, while ivy on a tree can warn of insecurities in relationships and friendships.

The climbing of the ivy is also seen as a sign of the thoughts of man seen who deals with his life path. Sometimes this also highlights a clinging dependency in relationships.

Dream symbol “ivy” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the ivy symbolizes immortality and that eternal lives.

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