Adventure – dream interpretation

An adventure is a challenge. You push your physical or mental limits to have new experiences. For some, traveling to a foreign country or moving to another city is already an adventure. Others seek the famous thrill of bungee jumping from dizzying heights or on a survival tour through the wilderness with a raft and backpack, tent and climbing equipment. For children, a tree house is a great adventure: their own little world into which they can retreat.

Adventure films or novels are very popular. They stimulate the imagination and offer distraction from the often boring everyday life. Such stories were already very popular with people in ancient times, and for example the adventurous legends about Odysseus and his ten-year wandering in search of his homeland were very well received. Almost everyone should know The Adventures of the Three Musketeers, based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas.

If someone dreams of experiencing a moving adventure, they may be looking for excitement or just a vacation without luggage. However, he may also find an adventurous situation frightening, for example climbing freely onto a rock without any protection against falling into the depths. Or the rapid ride across the sea on a jet ski. But it can also be a real adventure to let a fat tarantula run over your hand in a dream. What you perceive as adventurous varies from person to person.

When interpreting dreams, what emotions the dream symbol triggers is crucial.

Dream symbol “adventure” – the general interpretation

In popular dream interpretation, an adventure heralds an experience that evokes the same emotions as those triggered by the dream. The dream symbol is a symbol of what is to come Changes. If the dreamer finds the adventurous situation particularly exciting, the turn in his life will also be radical and surprising.

What is particularly informative for dream analysis is whether the adventure is perceived positively or negatively. If the dreamer enjoys the excitement in the dream, he should plan his life for the long term and put his ideas into action. The dream image is a request for more Variety in everyday life.

If the situation in the dream seems more frightening than stimulating, the dream symbol “adventure” is a sign of that uncertainty of the dreamer. Perhaps he subconsciously fears that a relationship with a morally questionable person is not good for him.

If the dreamer seeks risk, the adventure is, according to the general interpretation of dreams warning to understand. He probably took a big risk in real life and the dream image reflects the actual life situation. The dreaming person may have exhausted themselves financially or health-wise and no longer has any reserves to fall back on. The dream shows fear of the consequences of this behavior.

Dream symbol “adventure” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “adventure” embodies the longing for a varied life. If it’s about an erotic adventure, the dream reflects an unsatisfied one Hunger for experiences. The subconscious makes the dreamer aware of his hidden longing for extraordinary and exciting sexual experiences.

The dream image asks him to check whether the everyday routine in a love relationship is correct boredom responsible for sex. A clarifying conversation with your partner can shed light on whether they may feel the same way.

According to the understanding of dream analysis, a dream about an adventure is often a warning sign from the soul. Too often the sleeper seeks risk and exceeds his own Boundaries. The dream symbol shows him that he has exhausted his possibilities. Continuing on this path carries the risk of psychological, mental and possibly physical overload.

Dream symbol “adventure” – the spiritual interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, an adventure symbolizes the dreamer’s ability to rise above the simple and superficial and to take on mental challenges. The dream symbol is a symbol spiritual independence and individual freedom.

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