Monkey – dream interpretation

The evolutionary history of humans is closely linked to that of monkeys, which is why the monkey is the animal that most resembles humans.

Since humans are descended from monkeys, there are still many parallels that can be seen. Some more highly developed species of monkeys such as chimpanzees and gorillas are able to walk slightly hunched but almost upright; However, these usually do not have a long tail with which they can swing elegantly from tree to tree – like other conspecifics. However, almost every monkey is skilled at climbing.

Monkey - dream interpretation

Monkeys sometimes behave in a silly, over-the-top manner and – depending on the monkey species – even like an arrogant snot. Last but not least, this is why we like to refer to a human klutz or oaf as a monkey. A monkey is often depicted in films and books as a clowning, playful animal with a banana in its hand. As a circus or zoo attraction, the animal was and is still kept in cages to this day.

The relationship between humans and monkeys varies greatly across cultures and has changed several times over time. While the monkey was considered devilish in the Middle Ages because it was a symbol of sinful animality, in ancient times it was still worshiped with the god of death Thoth. At that time, the monkey was interpreted as a reminder of human mortality.

By the way: A knapsack covered with fur that soldiers carry is often referred to as a “monkey”. If you have experienced such a backpack in a dream, please note our dream interpretation under “Knapsack”.

As a dream symbol, the monkey appears very often in sleep and can usually be seen there as a sign of another side of the dreamer. Let’s first look at the dreams that appear particularly often in connection with a relative. Maybe your dream is there? If not, please read the aspects of the general interpretation further down on this page.

Dream symbol “monkey” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Great Apes – Animals with Personality in Dream Analysis

Gorillas and orangutans are impressive representatives of the great ape family. Many people perceive the large and strong gorillas as frightening and dangerous.

So it is not surprising that in dream interpretation these wild primates are a symbol of unpredictable feelings and willingness to use violence. If the clever orangutan appears at night, it is a warning. You can’t be too gullible now. Sneaky people want to harm the dreamer.

Peaceful monkeys and positive encounters with the dreamer

Cuddles for the monkey in the dream world

Stroking someone is usually an expression of closeness and connection. Shared values ​​and goals create an intimate connection. Anyone who is affectionate with a primate in a dream would like to turn to its wild and untamed side.

However, in general dream interpretation, caressing a monkey can also represent a warning: In connection with the animal, the warning is not to “imitate” other people. This in no way makes you popular.

Help, a monkey kisses me in a dream!

A monkey’s kiss in the dream world can be something quite positive. If you enjoy the animal’s smack to the fullest, you feel ready to embrace your passions and urges.

A monkey’s kiss in the dream world can be something quite positive. If you enjoy the animal’s smack to the fullest, you feel ready to embrace your passions and urges. The dreamer is at peace with his own uninhibited and instinctive side. However, if one finds close contact with the primate disgusting, this reflects an emotional imbalance.

Baby monkeys need love! A heartwarming dream image

Baby animals are just cute. They awaken the natural protective instinct and at the same time remind us of the carefree feeling of childhood.

Anyone who takes care of a baby monkey in the sleep world would like to take on great responsibility. Decisive changes for the dreamer are announced by the newborn primate. At the same time, the cute monkey as a dream animal can warn the sleeper against acting too childish and immature in reality.

Aggressive monkeys as a danger for dreaming

A monkey follows me through the dream world

Anyone who is chased by a monkey in their sleep will run as fast as they can. The dream interpretation sees this running away as an escape from certain character traits. Because a primate started the pursuit at night, in this case it is about repressed urges or a certain behavior in everyday life. Presumably the dreamer who is haunted in his sleep knows his bad behavior patterns, but finds it difficult to escape them.

Biting monkeys in a fear dream

Anyone who is bitten by a monkey in a dream receives a clear warning. Something is wrong in his immediate surroundings.

It’s worth checking friendships and also taking a close look at the romantic relationship. An animal bite while sleeping can be an indication of jealousy and disagreements in relationships. Eroticism and passion in particular may be neglected when a monkey snaps in the dream world.

A monkey attacks me – a terrible nightmare

Becoming is always scary. Especially when an angry monkey starts the attack. But don’t panic. The dream situation with an aggressive monkey can provide clues about what you are actually afraid of. Maybe you’re afraid that your emotions will burst out of you uncontrollably.

Or you secretly fear an attack from outside. Wild animals often symbolize inconsiderate people around the sleeping person.

Why is the monkey peeing on me? Dream interpretation explained

You’ll probably be outraged at first if a monkey pees on you while you’re sleeping. But the dreamer should keep calm, because the dream animal only wants to help.

This seemingly rude behavior of the monkey can indicate sexual problems. Unbridled drives and secret passions lie hidden in one’s own character and finally want to be released, symbolized by the drained animal urine in the dream.

Free or captured? The freedom of movement of the dream monkey

A wild monkey walks through the dream world

Going through the dream calmly and without haste symbolizes a healthy further development of the current phase of life. If you dream of a running monkey, it reflects your personal path through previously undiscovered traits of your own character. Primacy directs the focus of the inner journey to the untamed side of the dreamer. It’s time to learn more about the animal within.

The captive monkey: The dream animal in the cage

If you see a monkey locked in a cage in a dream, this can be an invitation to the sleeping person to accept and live out their animal powers and innate drives in waking life. The dreamer may feel too ashamed in real life to engage in sexual stimuli. Perhaps he is in a romantic relationship in which intimate and honest togetherness is not possible. The cage in which the dream animal is trapped usually symbolizes the sleeper’s feeling that he is being restricted while awake.

The size of the monkey in the dream scene

Wow, how big… Heavy, powerful monkeys in dreams

Large monkeys like the gorilla or orangutan can be frightening if you encounter them in the wild and without bars, after all, these heavy animals have enormous strength. If the dreamer is afraid of a large monkey,

which may react very wildly, the person concerned often has to pull himself together in waking life in order to get his feelings under control. However, if it is a peace-loving, calm giant ape, the sleeper is able to control himself and act cleverly and prudently in difficult situations.

A little monkey – oh, how cute! Your dream analysis

If a monkey like a vervet monkey appears to the dreamer, the animal can be an indication of one’s own personal development. The behavior of the primate is important for the interpretation of the dream symbol “monkey”. If the little animal moves quickly, it often symbolizes the consolidation of a love relationship.

A dancing monkey, often seen in a circus environment, may indicate exuberant joy in life, while a bite from a small monkey is associated with an unpleasant argument. A monkey in a dream may also indicate a person who greatly flatters the dreamer – but the compliments are lies.

Dreaming of fabulous monkeys with wings

Flying across the world once, that would be great! In dream interpretation, this ability generally represents freedom.

If you dream of a monkey with wings, problems will resolve happily in the near future. The flying primacy symbolizes a fear of always being misunderstood by others. The wings indicate that these worries will soon be a thing of the past.

Dream symbol “monkey” – the general interpretation

Monkey dreams are quite common, but in order to interpret them correctly, the behavior of the monkeys in the dream is important. The monkey symbolizes the animalistic and appears as Sexualsymbolthen this is interpreted as an indication of a dream connection that lacks emotions.

If the dream is bitten by a monkey, the dream image wants to appear false friends and warn hypocrisy. In general, aggressive monkeys, even if they only threaten rather than bite, warn against deception and lies in social circles.

If the dreamer sees some monkeys playing and jumping from branch to branch in the jungle, dream research interprets this as a longing for their own childhood interpreted. This is usually a sign that the dreamer had a childhood that was too short and had to grow up far too quickly.

But a monkey dream can also mean that the dreamer imitates other people too often, so they “follow up” and is not himself. Sometimes the monkey changes in the dream world and becomes more and more human. In this case, the dream is interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is becoming aware of his animal side.

Dream symbol “monkey” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the monkey in the dream symbolizes the person who uncivilized, drive-driven and only oriented towards monetary gain. For example, this person has few cultural interests or moral principles. The dream image can ask the dreamer to become more mature and develop further.

The monkey usually represents a kind of caricature of the dreamer in his sleep and shows his shoots and passions. Therefore, for a “correct,” comprehensive interpretation, one must always pay attention to the behavior of the monkey in the dream.

This dream symbol can also be an indication of the fear that the dreamer in the waking world fears being seen wrongly and not understood by those around him. Maybe other people make fun of the dreamer and he feels bad.

Anyone who discovers a little monkey on an organ organ in their dream – perhaps the dreamer is at the fairground while sleeping – will now perceive their own childlike and sometimes all too instinct-driven nature boring and incorrect. He has recently had an inner drive to “grow up,” to mature, and to take life more seriously.

Dream symbol “monkey” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, the monkey symbolizes the animal in man, i.e. the animal, animal side of personality.

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