Brain – dream interpretation

The part of the central nervous system located in the head is called the brain. The brain is protected in the cranial cavity. It is covered by the so-called meninges and consists primarily of nerve tissue. Environmental stimuli are received via the cerebral cortex.

The brain’s tasks include processing sensory perceptions and coordinating complex behaviors. It can therefore be described as a “memory” in which all information is processed by the organism.

In casual language, the term brain is often equated with a person’s mind. There are also sayings like: “He’s got a lot of brains!” or “What a bright little head!”.

We realize how important our brain is when we become ill with it. A stroke often has dire consequences, and a concussion should not be underestimated. Sometimes this can also result in secondary illnesses, such as epilepsy, coordination or speech disorders. Other phenomena are harmless and everyone knows them, such as sensory illusions or “déjà vu”, a connection between the past and the present that is incorrectly linked by the brain.

We would like to take a closer look at what dreams about the brain mean in the following article.

Dream symbol “brain” – the general interpretation

From a general point of view, the brain in a dream primarily symbolizes the mental abilities of the dreamer. Such dream content can, on the one hand, call for more prudence. The sleeper should think carefully about his actions in the waking world and not rush into anything spontaneously.

On the other hand, this dream image can also hide a warning. The sleeper should not value his mind or his spiritual gifts too highly and thereby neglect his spiritual energy. The sight of a brain while sleeping can also prompt you to examine your brain spiritual matters too busy. You may be placing too high demands on yourself that are actually unfulfillable.

Anyone who eats brains in their dream can look forward to a successful outcome of their plans in waking life. The sight of your own brain as a dream image can Trouble indicate with an intrusive person who, moreover, tries to humiliate the dreamer.

If the dreamer sees the brains of animals in his dream, this may indicate a mental disorder. Eating a food made from animal brains while sleeping can indicate that one is To know will expand and benefit from it in waking life.

If the dream symbol “brain” is seen in the sense of mind, this can generally be viewed as admonition be understood to behave warmer and friendlier in reality. Because that’s how you’ll win friends. If you have the feeling of losing your mind in your dream, you shouldn’t think so much and trust your intuition more.

Dream symbol “brain” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the symbol “brain” as a call to the dreamer, his Views and to look at wishes in detail. His experiences and the knowledge he has acquired so far will prove helpful.

Seen as an organ in a dream, the brain can indicate the strength but also weakness of the dreamer in the area of ​​the mind. Because the dreamer knows how to use his gray cells well in the waking world, but sometimes forgets to take his emotional state into account. A brain injury in a dream often brings bad luck.

If you see your brain through a hole in your head, from a psychological point of view this can be a warning against you imbalance between reason and instinctual behavior can be understood. A targeted headshot as a method of suicide symbolically shows that the dreaming person has a tendency to self-destruct. These can be real, minor injuries that you inflict on yourself.

If the dreamer has a tumor in his brain while sleeping, he should consciously deal with his inner fears. Anyone who has brain surgery in their dream should realize that a change is necessary in the real world. It would be advisable for him to rely not only on his ability to think, but also on his own, for the sake of his mental balance Intuition as well as taking his feelings into account.

Dream symbol “brain” – the spiritual interpretation

According to transcendent dream analysis, the dream symbol “brain” embodies the Focus of understanding regarding spiritual power.

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