Station master – dream interpretation

Although they received little attention from most people, the station masters had a responsible task. In the past, as now, many train travelers were in a hurry and stressed, had to catch a specific train or take care of their luggage. The employees at the train station were often overlooked.

The job description of a station master no longer exists, but in earlier times they were responsible for the entire regulation of train traffic, coordinating and implementing it. They often lived in an official apartment in the station building, and their wives usually also worked for the railway.

In the following text we would like to explain why you dream of a person you no longer meet at train stations these days.

Dream symbol “station manager” – the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation, the station master usually symbolizes one in the dream good friend of the person affected.

The dream could be an indication that this confidant will always be at his side in the future, supporting him and being valuable Tips could give. The support here refers not only to the emotional level, but also to energy and actual actions.

If the station master is a stranger in the dream, the dreamer should consider which people he or she is in direct contact with Environment could be referred to. He may yet meet his new confidante and life companion.

However, it is important that the dreamer becomes aware that the supportive friend will not only accompany and support him, but will also significantly control his life and everyday life. It guides him along paths that he would not otherwise have taken, but which at the same time will not bring anything negative with them.

In addition, according to the general interpretation, a station master can give a sign for a Obligation be that the dreamer doesn’t like. He may have to deal with authority in the near future, otherwise he will not be able to achieve his personal goals.

However, if you see yourself as a station master in your dream, you should think about whether you are causing problems for someone else in everyday life or whether they are causing them problems Last falls. In this case, the dream symbol can be an indication of this.

Dream symbol “station manager” – the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychoanalytic approach to interpreting the dream symbol “station manager” there is one in this close friend seen who may know the person affected better than they know themselves.

It was subconsciously recognized that the confidant knows about one’s own character, nature and private and professional life circumstances and has an overview. For this reason, the dreamer also allows close support in real life.

Dream symbol “station manager” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual opinion, the station master in the dream can be an indication of a soon trip or Further development which will be characterized by spiritual insights.

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