Excavator – dream interpretation

When deep holes have to be dug on construction sites or earth needs to be moved, an excavator is used as a construction vehicle.

These helpful machines are available in different sizes and designs: Small excavators can be used to transform gardens when gardeners and landscapers are involved. Larger excavators are generally used in road and house construction, while in opencast mining even huge excavators are used. You can also come across an excavator in a quarry.

When these construction machines appear in the dream world, they often have an important function there.

Dream symbol “excavator” – the general interpretation

An excavator is not only used in the waking world to dig in the ground. Even in the dream world, an excavator can be used to bring something to light that has been hidden for a long time and perhaps shouldn’t be found at all. Most of the time it is something that has been kept for a long time Secretwhich is revealed through this dream image.

Sometimes in dream research the excavator can also be a symbol that the dreamer is moving away from charges want to liberate. This is especially the case when the excavator destroys something in the dream world.

In addition, the excavator in the dream is often an indication that the dreamer should not allow himself to be too preoccupied with other people’s affairs. In this case, the dreamer tends to get too caught up in the waking world clamp in allow.

Dream symbol “excavator” – the psychological interpretation

When construction machines such as excavators or bulldozers appear in the dream world, they often symbolize one destructive force in the life of the dreamer.

Dream research often interprets the excavator in the same way as the dragon when it appears in a dream. Therefore the excavator also asks the dreamer to Mut to go deeper and not just stay on the surface, because only in this way can hidden things be revealed. This means that problems are not suppressed and inner values ​​should receive more attention.

If the dreamer digs a pit for a foundation while sleeping, then this is interpreted as an indication that the dreamer is currently in the process of redesigning his or her life.

If the dreamer tears down a house with the excavator in the dream world, then he is trying to escape old burdens to free. This also includes outdated ideas and old ideas that he had. If the dreamer drives the excavator over a property to clear it up, load up rubble and dump it somewhere else, then the dreamer has lost his life in the waking world control.

Dream symbol “excavator” – the spiritual interpretation

The excavator symbolizes this in spiritual dream interpretation Hidden ones.

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