Ejaculation – dream interpretation

Ejaculation is a man’s release of semen caused by an orgasm. During this physiological process, the sperm is ejected suddenly from the urethra by rhythmic contractions of the muscles – which is already explained in the derivation of the term “ejaculation”, because it comes from Latin and means something like “to throw out, to throw out”.

Even if you equate an ejaculation with semen, it does not always have to contain fertilizable sperm. For example, after a so-called vasectomy, which a man can have for contraception and in which the vas deferens are severed, there are no longer any sperm in the ejaculate.

If you dreamed of ejaculation, you can find out more about the interpretation of this dream symbol and find out interesting aspects about yourself in the article below. When analyzing your dream, always pay attention to all the details: Did you see genitals in the dream? What did the penis, the “cock” of the excited man look like? Was there an unusual situation in which ejaculation happened?

Dream symbol “ejaculation” – the general interpretation

Dreaming about ejaculation is very common for men, as they can also ejaculate during sleep without any active involvement in the form of sexual intercourse or masturbation.

This is usually accompanied by very erotic sexual dreams, in which one often pursues one’s sexual fantasies completely detached from any norm. The dream symbol “ejaculation” simply reflects the body reaction that actually occurs unconsciously.

An ejaculation that you experience in a dream can also be a great expression desires be. The dreamer wants to relax physically and be able to pursue his sexual desires, which he may have only ever experienced in his head or which he does not dare to express to his partner. The ejaculation symbolizes something that has already existed for a long time Pressure and points out to those affected that repression only leads to increased internal tension.

Sexuality requires an open and trusting relationship. Give up fears and doubts and embrace your imaginative passions. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even experience one or two positive surprises…

Dream symbol “ejaculation” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, ejaculation and the satisfaction achieved with it represent the short-term solution to a conflict situation.

If a woman dreams of a man or her partner’s premature ejaculation, there may be a deep inner meaning behind it antipathy stand against the sexual act as such. There may be an unconscious fear of closeness and intimacy, because with premature ejaculation and the subsequent relaxation of the male penis, penetration into her body and thus sexual intercourse is no longer possible.

If premature ejaculation is a symbol of male dreams, the psychological interpretation of dreams sees great significance in this Fear of failure the dreaming person. Perhaps in real life there has already been a situation in which premature ejaculation ended lovemaking earlier than planned, but this left fears of failure again.

In connection with the dream image “ejaculation”, it is advisable to include the exact dream interpretation of the dream symbol “sperm” in the individual dream analysis.

Dream symbol “ejaculation” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image “ejaculation” represents an energetic one Loss of strength.

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