Pet – dream interpretation

As a child, many of us wanted a pet for our own home, a fluffy animal to cuddle and love, a loyal friend who would support us even if we got a bad grade at school or had stress with our parents. Many of us fulfill this wish for a companion in our adult lives.

The domestication of domestic animals began thousands of years ago when humans discovered the usefulness of a wolf or a horse. The first domestic animals were therefore more likely to be farm animals and served as hunting assistants, means of transport or food.

Today we understand pets to be human companions who provide comfort and enrich our everyday lives. For example, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are popular. Entertaining birds such as budgies, cockatiels, canaries or even large parrots are kept at home. More exotic animals such as the chinchilla, a colorful macaw parrot, snakes or scorpions can also be found in some households. The goldfish and other ornamental fish are still popular pets that delight hobby aquarists with their dazzling appearance.

The pet supplies industry is growing and thriving, with many spending hefty sums on their beloved four-legged friends, be it on an extra-soft basket or rhinestone-studded collars.

The pet can embody the longing for nature, but also for unconditional love. Let’s take a look at what such an animal can signal in dream interpretation:

Dream symbol “pet” – the general interpretation

The pet as a dream symbol represents both the useful qualities of the soul and Trost and care. In the dream, the number of pets seen, such as 2 cats, can also play an important role or the age of the animal: as a dream animal, an adult dog means something different than a small puppy.

Stroking or caring for a pet in a dream can indicate a person that the dreamer wants or should take more care of, for example their partner. The dreamer may also have noticed people in his environment who are more needy than himself and to whom he appears strong and protective.

He can also see himself as a pet in a dream; this is usually an indication that it is his business tenderness and Contact missing. However, sometimes he feels restricted by others and they practice more Power more about him than he wants.

The animal species plays a special role in the interpretation:

  • Dog: stands for the trustworthy companion and protector, possibly also for a certain phase of life in which the dreamer owned a dog
  • Cat: represents the feminine, capricious side of the dreamer
  • Rabbit or Hare: symbolizes intuition and the ability to make greater leaps
  • Pig: indicates the conflict between one’s own demands and lower instincts, it can also represent fertility
  • Cow: suggests motherhood and femininity
  • Ox: represents patience and willingness to sacrifice
  • Taurus: indicates the wild, untamed nature of one’s own personality
  • Llama: a sign of prosperity
  • Horse: represents energy and forward momentum
  • Bird: indicates a desire for freedom, an independent or flighty nature
  • Reptiles: embody the emotionless or frightening aspects of the personality that the dreamer deals with.

Dream symbol “pet” – the psychological interpretation

The domestic animal is essentially a tamed animal that is in some respects subservient to humans. Therefore, psychologically, the main question is who can be tamed and which aspects of personality can be tamed. Perhaps the dreamer feels too subjugated and would like to break out of the cage or gate that symbolically holds him back.

Often in a dream with the dream symbol “pet” you become aware of the parts of your own self with which the dreamer should or wants to come to an agreement. Passions and wild parts should be under control to be brought.

Dream symbol “pet” – the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted spiritually, the dream symbol points to unconditional Love and an emotional one binding without words.

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