Ticket – dream interpretation

If you want to travel on public transport, you need a ticket. With this receipt he can prove that he has paid the travel costs for the subway or S-Bahn, for example. Tickets can be checked by the conductor, who can also spot fare dodgers without a ticket. If dreamers want to go on a journey in their sleep, then they must have a valid ticket there too.

Dream symbol “ticket” – the general interpretation

To buy a ticket or ticket you need money. However, the money that the dreamer uses in the dream world to buy his ticket symbolizes this Energy and the Performancethat the dreamer has.

For dream research, it is therefore also important to know whether the ticket is a 1st or 2nd class ticket. If the dreamer can achieve a lot in life, then he will also be able to travel in first class in the dream world. According to dream research, being in possession of a ticket means that the dreamer has enough Kraft and also has the opportunity to follow one’s path in life, solving problems that arise and overcoming obstacles.

Sometimes dreamers try to sneak into first class, even though they don’t belong there because they only have a second class ticket. Here a class change is dared, which is quite risky, because the dreamer lives above his level. These dreamers often also have dreams in their dreams Angst from being discovered and suffering defeat when the conductor sends them back to their 2nd class.

Dream symbol “ticket” – the psychological interpretation

If a ticket appears in the dream world, then the psychological dream interpretation interprets this dream image primarily as Wanderlust and Energy of the dreamer to change and cope with something. With the ticket, the dreamer sets out on the rest of his life and is not afraid to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Experiences from previous life should also be used.

If the dream cannot pay for his ticket, then this dream image symbolizes it lack of funds of the dreamer, which he would actually need to implement his plans. In this case, the change in life will have to wait a while.

If buying the ticket is not a problem, then the dreamer’s plans will also be implemented. If the dreamer tries to travel without a ticket, then in the waking world he will also try to get through life as cheaply as possible and at the expense of other people.

Dream symbol “ticket” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the ticket is a symbol for the spiritual Travel seen by the dreamer.

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