Ice skating – dream interpretation

For ice skating you need suitable ice skates that are equipped with blades. Anyone who has mastered ice skating can also take part in various sports. These include figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating. In the dream world, people also often go on the ice. However, not everyone moves there as safely as a professional

Dream symbol “ice skating” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer tries ice skating in the dream world, then his behavior says a lot about his personality. If he moves safely and confidently like an ice dancer on ice skates, then he has a balanced personality. However, if he is unsure, falls down frequently or even breaks into the ice, then this dream image is a warning about his own clumsinesswhich often ensures that good opportunities are ruined.

However, ice skating can also be a warning of danger. Caution and skill are required here to avoid a dangerous situation. Professional difficulties can also be shown through ice skating. In this case, there is a risk that the dreamer may lose his job. There are also arguments and discord among colleagues.

Success promises the dream image if the dreamer skates safely and well. However, insecurities in skating will lead to failures. If the dream breaks into the ice, then there is a warning about false friends who will give the dream bad advice.

If injuries occur while skating, injuries are inevitable coldness meant.

Dream symbol “ice skating” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, ice skating symbolizes balance, skill and Self-control and the safety of the dreamer.

Most of the time these dreams are pure ones Wish fulfillment dreams. However, they often have a special meaning. On the one hand, this can be a general joy of life, but also an indication that the dreamer will solve even difficult tasks without any problems.

However, if ice skating is a big problem for the dreamer, then this can be a sign that the dreamer is reckless or overly emotional in waking life. A fall or accident while skating symbolizes overestimation of oneself and recklessness. If the dreamer even breaks into the ice, he will have great difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

If the dreamer is persuaded in the dream world to put on the ice skates, even though he doesn’t really want to, then this is where the dreamer is asked to be to increase the pace of life.

Dream symbol “ice skating” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, ice skating is interpreted as an indication that the dreamer is… obstacle will be overcome and can continue to pursue his goals.

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