Executioner – dream interpretation

An executioner carries out a court sentence with the edge of the sword. This is where the common name “executioner” comes from. He is popularly known as “Master Hans” or “Freimann”.

Executioners existed early in history, even in ancient times. In the Middle Ages, a separate profession even emerged from it. However, the task of an executor was not only to execute those sentenced to death by a sovereign, but also to use torture to force a confession, especially during the Inquisition. This gave the executioner, who occupied a low social position, knowledge of anatomy and surgery, with which he often rivaled doctors. The execution at the end was a relief for those tortured.

Even today, the death penalty still exists in many countries and of course there are also people who carry out the sentences professionally. Except in some Arab states, the executioner no longer uses the sword for this purpose, but the gruesome task of killing a person according to instructions remains. Today’s “executioner”, if you want to call him that, usually administers lethal injections. But the social reputation of an executioner is still extremely low.

If someone dreams of an executioner, they will probably get a real fright. After all, such a dream figure is extremely frightening, with an ax or a gallows rope in his hand. Perhaps the dreamer also expects a “fair judgment” and sees the executioner on his side. The personal life situation and individual attitudes are therefore particularly important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “executioner” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “executioner” symbolizes impending misfortune, sorrow and danger. The executioner can deliver good and bad news at the same time. Another possible interpretation of the dream in dream interpretation is to bring out something hidden. In his function as an interrogator of evildoers, the executioner mercilessly brings the Truth to the light.

However, according to popular dream analysis, the figure of the executioner is often ultimately more than total positive sign to understand because the dreamer can overcome difficulties and even take advantage of them.

In addition, the executioner warns in the dream about supposed friends who could disappoint the dreamer. In dream interpretation, the executor is also directly related to the aspects punishment and Condemnation. In the dream, the dreamer reviews his own patterns of action in situations that are important to him and makes a judgment about them.

If the dreamer watches the executioner at work, the dream symbol in popular dream interpretation can warn against making enemies. If they already exist in the dreamer’s environment, the executioner draws his attention to them and calls on him to oppose them.

If the executioner beheads the condemned, the sleeping person finds something in the waking world. Hanging on the gallows signals one’s own guilt towards a person in the waking world. Whoever, in the role of executioner, opens the trap door on the Galen construction so that the condemned man breaks his neck will soon be caught with a trick Goal can achieve in the waking world.

The fatal headshot traditionally symbolizes that a person has a negative reality Influence exerts on the dreamer. A fatal shot in the head can also mean that plans fail and the person affected should look for new goals.

If a person is tortured by the executioner before his death in a dream, there is probably someone in the dreaming person’s circle of acquaintances who has a serious problem. However, the sleeper is unable to help the person.

If the executioner executes a person close to the dreaming in the dream, the dream symbol announces the separation from a loved one. According to dream interpretation, experiencing yourself as an executioner in a dream is an indication that the dreamer will soon find himself in a pitiful situation.

The meaning of the dream symbol is much more positive if the executioner kills the dreamer: he will overcome all difficulties and defeat people who put obstacles in his way.

Dream symbol “executioner” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the executioner is a dream symbol for the mental in dream interpretation imbalance of the dreamer. As an executioner, he clears up the ambiguities and imperfections in the psyche. The dreamer is often not even aware of these, but they often manifest themselves as burdens in everyday life without being able to assign a clearly defined problem to them.

The executioner takes care of it in the dream Quiet and Order in the soul life of the dreamer. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “executioner” also stands for the beginning of an unencumbered, carefree time. Repressed complaints from the past are eliminated. In a dream, the subconscious signals to the dreamer that it is time to look forward.

Dream symbol “executioner” – the spiritual interpretation

As a dream symbol in spiritual dream interpretation, the executioner can be a sign of intellectual oppression be. Something prevents the dreamer from his spiritual development.

The executioner can remove this barrier in the dream and clear the way for the dreamer’s spiritual powers frei make.

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