Hatchet – dream interpretation

A hatchet is a small ax that can be used with one hand. Depending on the use, the width of the cutting edge of the hatchet is designed to suit.

Hatchet - dream interpretation

An ax suitable for the precise work of a carpenter or carpenter is made with almost no curvature in the cutting edge.

The chopping block was also used as a weapon and the cutting width was designed accordingly depending on the era and culture. Such a tool is used as a cleaver when slaughtering in a butcher’s shop; A hatchet is particularly helpful for chopping up bones.

Tools often play a role as a dream image and the hatchet also often appears in the dream world.

Dream symbol “hatchet” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees an ax while sleeping, then one appears here warning. He should be prepared for upcoming danger and be careful. The dreamed cleaver can also herald worries and problems.

Another popular interpretation sees the hatchet as warning, that reckless waste will breed envy and deceit. This can cause the dreamer to get into trouble because there are envious people who will plot against him.

If the dreamer sharpens an axe or sees how an axe is being sharpened, then they announce themselves Streit and discrepancies. If the dreamed hatchet is very rusty or even broken, then dream research also interprets this image in a rather negative way. Here you need to be careful about hostile people who will cause trouble.

The hatchet is interpreted positively if the dreamer actively works with it in the dream. In this case it is a sign that the dreamer is also making good progress in waking life and will implement his plans as well as his Goals reached. However, if other people in the dream world work with the hatchet, then that is the case Caution Beware of friendships made too quickly.

If one’s hand is chopped off at the wrist with an ax in an attack or accident in a dream, this can represent a feeling of powerlessness. Anyone who creates a totem pole with the help of an ax in their dream often longs for security in their waking life.

Dream symbol “hatchet” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the hatchet is interpreted similarly to the axe. If this dream image appears, then it can be an important one warning contain.

The dreamer often has to struggle with his own energies, which have a rather destructive effect when the hatchet appears in the dream. As a result, his actions can cause great damage. The dreamer should therefore reflect more closely on his behavior and his negative energies learn to control.

A much more positive interpretation is that the hatchet is a symbol of the Success interpreted through hard work.

Sometimes the hatchet can also indicate to the dreamer that he is moving away from meaningless things hopes should separate. Size recognition will come to the dreamer when he sees an ax lying down.

Dream symbol “hatchet” – the spiritual interpretation

The hatchet is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a sign of hard work and activity seen. The dreamer wants to actively shape his life and does not shy away from effort and effort.

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