Alms – Dream Interpretation

An alms is often referred to as a “kind gift”, which can be derived primarily from the Greek origin of the term. Alms can be described as a material gift to a recipient who is needy or poor. The donor does not expect anything material in return from the person in need.

The difference between donation and alms or gift of grace lies primarily in the motive, because when giving alms the giver feels compassion for the recipient. In earlier times, alms were distributed by rich people to the poor after Sunday mass. However, it wasn’t just the idea of ​​pity that played a role; people at that time also expected a spiritual advantage. Some also put their alms in an offering box so that they could be donated to the church.

Dream symbol “alms” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “alms” often symbolizes misfortune or mishap in waking life. This has either already happened or will soon happen to the dreamer. He should therefore prepare himself internally for such sorrow. Anyone who freely distributes alms in their dream but has little in their real life can look forward to happy times and an improvement in their financial opportunities in the waking world.

However, if a rich person in waking life distributes alms in his dream, things are in store for him in the near future annoyances and difficulties in the financial area.

If you, as a poor beggar, are a recipient of alms in your dream, generally speaking, unpleasant events will soon occur. These cannot be prevented in the waking world. The dreamer should then make the best of his situation.

If the sleeping person receives alms in his dream, he can talk about good friends and beautiful ones Business successes be happy. This dream situation also indicates that you will receive help from other people in a surprising emergency. The sight of a recipient of alms as a dream symbol suggests that in waking life another person will soon ask for the sleeper’s help and generosity.

Dream symbol “alms” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, giving alms in a dream is a symbol of the Willingness to sacrifice of the dreamer. This dream image also calls on the sleeper not to be stingy internally. Because you are already generous to the outside world, but you always expect appropriate thanks or something in return. You should break away from this in the waking world and find more selfless actions.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, receiving alms as a dream image illustrates this Angst of the dreamer, no longer being able to make it in the waking world on his own, becoming a burden to others or having to ask for something.

Furthermore, this dream situation should make the dreamer aware that he is very afraid of material hardship. In order to avert or prevent this, he would be prepared to do many things, which could possibly even entail humiliation for him. In waking life you should try to find the cause of this deep-seated fear. It may then be possible to free yourself from this fearful idea.

Dream symbol “alms” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream analysis, begging for alms is seen as a sign of one spiritual petition interpreted.

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