Mythical creatures – dream interpretation

Mythical creatures do not exist in the real world. They do not arise from nature, but from the creativity and spirit of people. Mythical animals are often supernatural, powerful beings made up of several animal forms.

There are many examples of such fantasy figures in mythology in particular. Think, for example, of the sphinxes, centaurs, werewolves or gods with jackal heads or the hydra with the many snake heads that grow back. Alleged sightings such as those of the Yeti in the Himalayas or the sea monster “Nessie” in Loch Ness in Scotland contribute to the creation of myths. The Mayans and Indians, and indeed primitive peoples, preferred to use images of mythical creatures to decorate their religious and everyday objects. Native American totem poles, for example, featured carvings and painted figures.

Mythical creatures - dream interpretation

Nowadays, a wide variety of creatures can be found even in the fictional Harry Potter novels, because mythical animals fascinate many people and inspire their imaginations.

Mythical creatures can appear gigantic, or be exceptionally small and inconspicuous, such as dwarves, gnomes, trolls or elves. However, these creatures should not be underestimated because they often have special abilities.

In any case, all of these beings, regardless of their size, are surrounded by something mysterious or even uncanny. This also makes their interpretation within dream interpretation exciting and difficult at the same time. That’s why it’s often advisable to use other dream symbols, especially when it comes to mythical creatures that are made up of several living beings.

First, let’s take a closer look at a special mythical creature: the Wolpertinger. This is particularly often dreamed of, so we would like to initially interpret the strange animal in this article and then move on to the general interpretation of dreams for all kinds of fantasy creatures.

Dream symbol “mythical creatures” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The Wolpertinger: A very special mythical animal in dreams

As a hybrid creature, the Wolpertinger, a mix of a hare’s body, duck wings, marten teeth, deer antlers and parts of a squirrel, represents the denial of personal characteristics. The extraordinary-looking mythical animal points to the hidden characteristics and wishes of the dreamer.

If the Wolpi in the dream consists largely of a rabbit, the dreamer feels a longing for tenderness. The roebuck’s part refers to vulnerability and gentleness as well as the longing for harmony. Squirrels symbolize preparedness for bad times; Duck wings or beaks are a sign of a slow mind that will ultimately lead to wealth and prestige. The marten can be interpreted as a symbol of envy, loss and strife.

Dream symbol “mythical creatures” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, mythical creatures in dreams usually refer to big ones mental content, which are very far removed from the sleeper’s consciousness. These major contents now try to reach a conscious level through the dream. But since they seem so incomprehensible, they can only make themselves noticeable through a monstrosity or a fantasy figure.

If the mythical creature appears as a monster in a dream, the dreamer should realize that he is currently in a dangerous or dangerous place difficult situation located. It is important to deal with this on a conscious level. If the danger is recognized in time, possible negative developments can be stopped.

Being chased by a mythical beast in your sleep brings worries and unhappy times. However, if the dreamer defeats the mythical creature in his dream, he will also successfully act against his rivals in the waking world. This will also give him great prestige and a prominent position.

The general dream interpretation interprets the sight of a sea monster in a dream that is in the water as a negative omen for the coming time. However, anyone who sees such a mermaid or a mermaid outside of the water in a dream can relax Luck and look forward to positive developments.

Dream symbol “mythical creatures” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, mythical creatures embody in dreams Embassies, which come from the deepest layers of the soul. These usually appear to the dreamer as monstrous or incomprehensible, which is why they appear in a fairy-tale form during sleep.

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In order to decipher these messages, the dreamer’s relationship to his own self should also be taken into account. Rejection or acceptance can be seen in the behavior towards the mythical animal.

By dreaming of a mythical creature, the sleeper can also get a hint of certain things Characteristics receive. It should therefore be carefully considered which animal appears in the dream or what different creatures it is made up of. Examples of this could be unicorns, griffins or even centaurs.

Dream symbol “mythical creatures” – the spiritual interpretation

The transcendent level of dream analysis sees the dream symbol “mythical creatures” as an expression for the forces of nature, which are viewed as fearful and cruel.

In addition, the sleeper is said to have a dream about a mythical creature animal powers and properties should be made aware. He should clarify whether he can appropriately control these energies in the waking world.

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