Fidibus – dream interpretation

“Hocus Pocus Fidibus, three times black cat!” Surely each of us knows this magic spell, but very few people know the origin of these magical words. Hocus pocus is derived from the Latin “Hoc est corpus”. This means something like “this is my body” and is said in the Catholic Church during communion. Fidibus means “the faithful” or “the believer”, composed: “This is the body for believers”.

The word “Fidibus” is also the name for a stick or a folded strip of paper, which is used to light a pipe, cigar or, more rarely, cigarette from an open fire.

But what is the dream symbol “Fidibus” all about? What is the best way to interpret this dream and what exactly should you pay attention to when interpreting it? Let’s take a closer look at dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Fidibus” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “Fidibus” symbolizes an influential one Kraftwhich, however, often leads the dreamer to act impulsively and thoughtlessly.

If the word “Fidibus” appears in connection with the well-known magic spell, the dreamer in his reality always does everything he can to achieve the impossible and to find a way for everything. Even if this means sometimes reaching the goal in a less than honest way. The person concerned puts achieving their set goal above all else. Deception He masters it so perfectly that the person he is talking to doesn’t even suspect that he has been ripped off by him.

If you use a Fidibus as a kindling aid in your dream, the dream interpretation sees this as good sign for all love matters. Disagreements are resolved for the benefit of both parties. Nothing stands in the way of a harmonious time.

However, if you burn your fingers with the Fidibus, this dream situation is a warning inexperienced behavior. Careless statements can quickly hurt another person and cause them to turn away from you. Therefore, you should think first and then talk.

Dream symbol “Fidibus” – the psychological interpretation

The Fidibus as part of the magic spell points to something exaggerated in the psychological interpretation of dreams self-consciousness there. The dreamer is too confident in himself and his abilities. He believes that everything must always revolve around him. As soon as he snaps his fingers, everyone around him has to jump to follow his orders and fulfill his wishes.

If you light a Fidibus, in reality you prefer to cook on a low flame and, for safety reasons, you prefer to stick to your old habits.

This little fire that blazes on the Fidibus can also have one for the dreamer erotic reference have. The flame symbolizes passion, but the person affected does not allow themselves to live it fully. However, he deprives himself of the experience of finding out what a “big fire” feels like and what passions it could awaken in him.

Dream symbol “Fidibus” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “Fidibus” is associated with a magic spell for strong but dark energies.

The spiritual interpretation of dreams associates it with a burning stick Enlightenmentwhich helps the dreamer to gain knowledge and growth on his life’s path.

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