Preserved food – dream interpretation

In earlier times, preserving, preserving or preserving food was a common method of preservation. In contrast to today, the food we wanted could not be easily bought at any time. Money was often tighter and a lot could be saved by canning your own harvest.

Nowadays it’s rare for anything to be preserved. Only a few people still have their own garden that supplies fruit or vegetables.

Preserved food - dream interpretation

Jam or preserves are sometimes made in-house, although the ingredients here usually come from supermarket shelves.

Dream symbol “preserved” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “preserved” can primarily be seen as a sign of excess and indulgence in luxury. However, this behavior will lead to distress and impoverishment in waking life. Therefore, the dreamer should refrain from this behavior in the real world.

The dream image of the preserves can also protect the sleeping person from the interference warn others about their personal affairs. He should prevent this, otherwise he will face a lot of trouble and arguments. If something boiled down is eaten in a dream, this can bring profits. On the other hand, it can indicate an imminent emergency. This always depends on the circumstances surrounding the dream symbol.

For the general interpretation of the dream symbol “preserved” it is also important what was preserved in the dream. For example, if it was fruit, so-called hazy fruit, berries or fruits, this can be the case happy times indicate in waking life. The variety should also be taken into account. Maybe they were blueberries, cranberries, rhubarb, apricots, bananas or pears?

But sour canned food in a jar can also appear in a dream as something preserved. Here too, the content should be examined in more detail. Cucumbers or asparagus in a dream, for example, can sexuality of the dreaming. Peppers would also be conceivable.

Dream symbol “preserved” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets preserved or preserved food in the dream as an indication of tradition Habits or behavior of the sleeper. His dream should make him realize that these are outdated and only limit his life. He should therefore leave her behind.

Anyone who sees preserved jam in their dream should deal with their problems needs engage in sexual matters. Preserved berries in a dream can also contain such a request. From a psychological point of view, boiled liquids as a dream image can show the dreamer’s desire for stability and consistency.

In addition, it can be of interest for the interpretation of the dream image who cooks something in the dream. If it is the dreamer himself in his sleep, this can indicate an upcoming event Celebration refer to the family circle. Maybe it was your own mother, grandma or a well-known person in the dream?

Dream symbol “preserved” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream analysis, something preserved in the dream can have a specific effect spiritual knowledge of the dreamer that is of particular interest to him. That’s why he wants to protect and preserve them within himself.

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