embark – dream interpretation

The journey on a ship begins when you embark. This can be a short tour on a lake or an extensive cruise across the open sea.

Ships and cruises appear quite often in the dream world. The details and the plot are crucial for the exact interpretation of the dream, because even at the beginning of a ship voyage there are already many differences that can provide an indication of the symbolism of the dream.

Dream symbol “embark” – the general interpretation

If embarkation, i.e. the beginning of a voyage, is the theme of the dream, then this dream image is often seen as an announcement of unexpected and surprising news interpreted. It doesn’t have to be bad news.

However, there is often something hidden behind embarkation warning. There are dangers lurking and the dreamer is warned to be very careful when he sets out on a journey in the dream. The type of ship intended for the journey provides a further clue for dream research.

On a sailing ship, the dreamer will be dependent on the wind, i.e. on external influences, on his journey. On a large liner or cruise ship with many other passengers, the dreamer can benefit from a certain level of security, but cannot influence the direction of travel. In contrast, embarking on a yacht is much more individual and personal.

Dream symbol “embark” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer goes on a long journey in the dream world, then something will also change in his life in the waking world. The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets embarkation as a symbol for oneself new way of lifethat the dreamer takes. He leaves the safe mainland, which symbolically represents his old life, and sets off for new shores.

However, boarding always includes something Disorientation or even helplessness, because the destination is usually still unclear when the dreamer enters the ship in the dream world. In addition, the journey over water is also included Risks tied together.

If the ship journey starts with a lot of headwind, this dream image shows you Problems in the waking life of the dreamer. Most of the time, the dreamer has even caused these difficulties himself, which are now a hindrance when starting the new path in life.

If embarkation begins with a tailwind that enables rapid progress, then the dreamer in the waking world uses his abilities to the best of his ability. This means that his new phase of life will also be successful.

Dream symbol “embark” – the spiritual interpretation

Embarkation is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a sign of spiritual Freedom interpreted and is an indication that the dreamer can use his mind.

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