Parachute – dream interpretation

A parachute is a delicate piece of material that turns a rapid fall into a slow descent and ensures a smooth landing. Nevertheless, a skydive requires a fair amount of courage and a sense of adventure, as you are jumping out of a plane at a height of at least 3,000 meters. The free fall lasts about 60 seconds, the flight with the opened parachute takes about another five minutes, time enough to enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence.

If you dream of a parachute, you will probably feel the feeling of floating and perhaps enjoy it with a slight tingling sensation in your stomach. Or the fear of the depth and that the parachute won’t open prevails. The parachute often appears as a last resort, especially in connection with the dream image “seeing a plane crash or burn”. In dream interpretation, this dream symbol can be interpreted in different ways.

Dream symbol “parachute” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the parachute is a reference to a positive attitude towards life: You feel protected and secure. The fact that the parachute slows down the fall into the depths and thus takes away the threat symbolizes this in the dream interpretation Trustthat the dreamer has in his fellow human beings.

You should admit the fears that are often associated with the dream symbol and see them as an invitation to protect yourself with a symbolic parachute despite the basic trust.

When the parachute opens in a dream, in dream interpretation this is an expression of the positive feelings that carry the dream safely through everyday life and give them space to develop themselves enjoyment of life give.

If the dream is in free fall and the dream symbol “parachute” remains closed, it shows that there is a problematic situation in the dream’s life. He doesn’t know a way out of this and he hopes Help.

Dream symbol “parachute” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the parachute is a symbol of the desire for freedom and the desire for adventure. At the same time, the dream symbol represents a controlled event, because as a skydiver you have the process under control right from the start.

With the dream of the parachute, the subconscious sends a signal to the dreamer that the Halt for his soul lies within himself. The fear of an uncontrolled fall, which often accompanies such a dream, can be overcome: Anyone who faces their repressed fears will be successful in the end.

Gliding through the air on a parachute gives the dreamer a good overview. The flight in the dream enables him to see his Life situation to look at it from a bird’s eye view and thus better assess it. The dream symbol also has a sexual aspect in dream interpretation: the dreamer lets himself go, he frees his psyche from all conventional constraints and gives himself over to pure enjoyment.

Dream symbol “parachute” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “parachute” is a symbol of freedom and independence and, in dream interpretation, expresses the ability to leave the superficial behind and immerse yourself in higher spiritual realms to swing up.

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