Spruce – dream interpretation

Spruces are part of the pine family and are evergreen trees. Normally their height is between 20 and 60 meters. The special features of the spruce include its tiered crown structure and its pointed crown. Along with fir and pine, spruce is one of the most common conifers found in the forest.

Spruce wood is generally used as building and construction wood. That is why it is often used in interior design. For example, spruce wood can be found in the house as stairs, railings or floor coverings. Furniture construction is also an area of ​​application for spruce wood.

Dream symbol “spruce” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis sees the symbol of the spruce tree in sleep as an admonition to the dreamer to do more persistence and endurance. Because he should show more consistency in his waking life so that he can implement his plans. In some cases, the dream symbol “spruce” can also indicate that you will maintain your social position in the waking world.

Seen based on the dream symbol “tree”, the spruce tree in the dream can, on the one hand, be persistent difficulties refer to problems that can only be solved by a great effort. On the other hand, this dream image can also show the sleeper’s loyalty and self-confidence.

A green and healthy spruce tree with strong branches in a dream brings with it the promise in waking life that the hopes of the dreamer will soon come true. A sick spruce tree as a dream symbol, on the other hand, in general dream interpretation, represents inconveniences and annoyances that will await the dreamer himself or someone close to him.

Anyone who sees spruce needles in their dream can look forward to good health. Spruce oil as a dream symbol usually symbolizes an enlargement of one’s own assets. Felling a spruce tree with an ax or a chainsaw in a dream can indicate to the dreamer that he will face his rivals or competitors in an appropriate manner.

Dream symbol “spruce” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “spruce” is primarily seen as a Phallussymbol viewed and thus refers to the needs and desires of the sleeper in the sexual area.

In this context, a healthy spruce tree indicates strong sexuality. If, on the other hand, the spruce tree withers or dies while you sleep, this can indicate the suppression or repression of sexual longings. However warns The spruce as a dream symbol also protects against assigning too high a priority to one’s love life.

If the spruce tree is moved back and forth in a dream by wind or a storm, this can be due to agility of the sleeper, with which he copes with his life or problems. Anyone who builds something made of spruce wood in their dream, such as a box or a ladder, usually receives a clue to their personality and identity. This is something you should take a closer look at in the waking world.

Dream symbol “spruce” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent perspective, the dream symbol “spruce” is an expression of the life force and spiritual energy of the dreamer understood.

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