Abbey – dream interpretation

An abbey is a monastery headed by an abbot or abbess. The house or the living area of ​​the monastery board is also called an abbey. In addition to the habitable rooms, there is usually an abbey chapel, often a cloister and even an abbey garden.

When you think of a monastery or abbey, you usually associate silence, contemplation and abstinence. A life that is so different from what people lead outside these holy walls. But if you want to know for sure, you can take some time out in numerous monasteries in Germany and become part of the community of monks and other people seeking peace and quiet for a while. The dream interpretation explains what a dream about an abbey is all about in the following article.

Dream symbol “abbey” – the general interpretation

If you stand in front of the crumbling walls of an abbey in the dream world, this can show the dreamer that he will soon have to bury his plans and hopes. However, in this dream situation the clue can also be hidden, its current imaginations again rethink. Maybe it’s better to orientate yourself in a different direction.

In old dream diaries one finds the interpretation that young women who enter an abbey in a dream must soon expect a serious illness. However, this general statement should be qualified. More recent dream analyzes see this as more of an indication of his Health to pay more attention as it may have been neglected recently.

If you enter an abbey with other people, this dream experience symbolizes the dreamer’s need for exchange. For him, in-depth conversations are an important part of social contact.

However, if certain people remain standing in front of the abbey in this dream, this can show the dreamer that there is a connection to certain people little agreement gives. In their world everything revolves around superficial things and the dreamer can identify with these less and less.

Dream symbol “abbey” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “abbey”, the central theme of interpretation is peace and relaxation. If the abbey monastery appears in a dream, it is high time for the dreaming person to break away from everyday life and immerse themselves in the quietly to withdraw.

The dream researchers say that the larger and more impressive the abbey appears to the dreamer in the dream, the better the prospects of the long-awaited peace of mind and the opportunity to bring body and mind back into harmony.

Anyone who retreats to an abbey in a dream may be plagued by feelings of guilt in the waking world. Maybe you are currently in a phase of mental and emotional stress Disorientation. The dreamer is looking for a way out of this, but is unable to do so due to a lack of clarity.

The dream experience in the abbey can therefore serve as a guide and show him ways to regain his inner balance. Withdrawing into silence and consciously engaging with oneself can help dreamers with this.

Dream symbol “abbey” – the spiritual interpretation

For the transcendent dream interpretation, the dream image “abbey” is an expression of the wish spiritual exchange within a community and spiritual contemplation.

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