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We use the term “cancel” in a variety of contexts. For example, we can stop a certain activity or stop what we are doing. On the other hand, you can also stop cultivating a relationship with a person, i.e. break off contact. In some cases, the term demolition means the very specific cutting up of an object or food or the demolition of a house. A flower, such as a peony, can also be broken off its stem.

These aspects also play a role when “abort” appears as a symbol in our dreams. The context in which we break something off here is crucial when interpreting the dream image. The circumstances of the dream should definitely be taken into account when interpreting it.

Dream symbol “cancel” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dream symbol can always “break off” an existing one Angst warn against negative influences. The general dream interpretation assumes that the dreamed breaking off of something expresses the person concerned’s fear that others could destroy their own plans through their behavior. The sleeper may also worry that someone is getting in the way of fulfilling his wishes or trying to damage his reputation.

The dream asks you to take a closer look at this problem: How do you come up with these worries? What behavior in a fellow human being makes you so suspicious?

In addition to this general meaning of the dream image “break off”, dreams about the symbol can allow further conclusions to be drawn. The symbol often appears in dreams in connection with the demolition of buildings.

The demolition of the dreamed house then shows one New beginning in a positive sense. The dreamer frees himself from old burdens and develops further. In many cases, the dream of breaking off also gives hope for an improvement in one’s professional position.

According to general opinion, breaking down a framework shows that you are getting rid of old, bad habits. If, on the other hand, it is a branch that you break off in the dream situation, this warns you of one Overwhelm. The sleeper shouldn’t expect too much from himself at the moment.

Breaking off a piece of food and then sharing it with someone also portends good things care or even the desire for a feeling of community. A broken toenail or fingernail warns of failures and setbacks.

If a lever, such as on a coffee grinder, breaks off in a dream, this can warn you to focus on your interpersonal relationships.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, anyone who dreams of breaking off not one thing, but a contact will soon new Friends find. But this doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of existing friendships. The dreamer is socially open to many things.

Dream symbol “cancel” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “abort” refers to cure. Psychoanalysts assume that a dream about breaking off shows that the person affected is able to eliminate a mental disorder on their own.

This is especially true if a house is demolished in the dream situation. However, if this happens in the dream against the sleeper’s will, this approach threatens, according to dream interpretation Danger for mental balance.

Dreams in which you break off contact with a person symbolize this Detachment of a particular relationship. The dreamer may have realized that he is not getting anything back from the other person. From his point of view, the contact is pointless. Or perhaps the person also had a negative influence on the person concerned.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, breaking off in this context is viewed almost exclusively as positive.

Dream symbol “cancel” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, breaking off is considered a sign that the person concerned Familiar leaves behind. He dares to make a new start.

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