Carrion – dream interpretation

Dead animal bodies that have already entered a state of decomposition are referred to as carrion. Immediately after the animal’s death, it is not yet carrion, but a corpse that only becomes carrion through the decomposition process that occurs. The putrefaction process creates a strong carrion smell or stench, which causes disgust and nausea in humans, but is highly sought after as food by animals such as vultures and hyenas.

But apart from an animal corpse, the word “carrion” can also be used to describe a devious woman. Everyone here knows straight away that they are dealing with a bitch or bitch.

Dream symbol “carrion” – the general interpretation

Dreams about carrion are rather rare dream images. Nevertheless, there are interpretations that shed light on a possible background to this dream experience. Basically, the dream symbol “carrion” symbolizes that there are serious problems in waking life Problems the solution to which will involve a decision that is not easy to make. This can be one separation or saying goodbye to someone close to you.

If you see the dead animal body in front of you, you may have just had a difficult time in real life. When it comes to one to be met Decision The sensation when looking at the carrion plays an important role here. The more you perceive the disgust and feeling of disgust towards the carrion in your dream, the more difficult it will be for you to actually make the decisions that need to be made in real life.

If the carrion in your dream is a very specific animal, attention should be paid to it here too and the animal species should be included in the dream interpretation. For example, if you see the carcass of a horse, according to dream interpretation, this promises a long and happy life. A long-held wish will come true if the carrion of a bird plays a role in your dream.

The easiest way to find other animals and their meanings, such as the vulture, is to use our search function at the top right of this page. Just type in the animal that decayed in your dream.

You should be careful if you dream of touching carrion. Especially if it is covered in maggots. This can Illness or great damage to announce. On the other hand, carrion lying on the meadow prophesies a long life.

Dream symbol “carrion” – the psychological interpretation

Viewed from the psychological perspective of dream interpretation, the dream image “carrion” symbolizes a closed one stage of life. A task that you have completed. However, if the dream is accompanied by a vague, restless feeling, it is worth questioning whether the past is really past or is still working within you and preoccupying you.

See here the friendly hint from your subconscious to relax Let go to practice and thus regain the possibility of coming into a state of balance.

Dream symbol “carrion” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, carrion represents the transience of life and the eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

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