get in – dream interpretation

The word “get in” is used in very different contexts and therefore has many different meanings. You can get into a car, a train or a plane to travel. Anyone who enters a business becomes a partner in a company, starts a company or participates in financial transactions.

You can also enter into a topic by participating in a discussion, or enter a building illegally, for example by climbing in through a window. In sports, “going full force” means attacking your opponent hard; among mountaineers, climbing a rock face is called “going into a wall.”

Getting in in a dream can happen in extremely different situations. To interpret the dream, the dreamer must always first analyze what the exact content of his dream is. Anyone who gets into a balloon and flies away may enjoy freedom. If you see someone getting into an apartment, the dream symbol probably triggers a feeling of threat.

Dream symbol “get in” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “get in” can be a symbol of a hopeful new beginning and express the desire to gain new insights and extensive knowledge. You get into a vehicle in a dream to get on your way unknown world to do and get to know them. Anyone who gets into a car in a dream, perhaps as a hitchhiker, will probably soon be traveling or has a desire for change.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “get in” can also be understood in the sense that you unauthorized access to foreign areas in order to achieve certain goals. This reflects either the dreamer’s fear of such a step or the desire for it.

Anyone who dreams exactly of breaking into someone else’s house as a burglar must expect evil Experiences to do in reality. In dream interpretation, getting in through a window is a warning of disputes and losses.

Dream symbol “get in” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological aspect, the dream symbol “get in” as a way of getting around is an expression of a longing for something more radical change. The dreamer is, perhaps without realizing it, dissatisfied with his lifestyle. He causes a break in the dream so that he can start all over again.

On the other hand, the dream symbol in the sense of “penetrate” has a gendered, threatening element in dream interpretation. Someone who gets into the apartment or room invades the dreamer’s private space and thus triggers primal fears of power and violence, possibly of a sexual nature. Dreaming about getting in shows the need for protection privacy.

Dream symbol “get in” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, getting in is a dream symbol for the person on a spiritual level Intervention in the self as a sacred, inviolable space. The knowledge of one’s own spiritual identity protects the dreamer from desecration.

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