Fat – dream interpretation

Although fat is demonized by many people, it is still irreplaceable for us. The most important thing is to use fats and oils in moderation, whereby “hidden” fats should not be forgotten. These are found primarily in sausage and cheese, but also cream and other foods. Fat provides energy and is necessary for many metabolic processes.

Grease can even be good for hair styling. Especially in the 1950s, it was fashionable for men to create a quiff using greasy pomade. Even today, hair products containing oils create a shiny film on the hair that covers dry, brittle areas. However, many young people who struggle with hair that gets greasy during puberty want the exact opposite.

Many people feel fat about their body. Some actually weigh too many kilos, which puts their health at risk, while others are very slim but consider themselves too fat. The pathological false sensation is usually related to anorexia or bulimia. Those who are overweight due to illness often suffer in the same way as those who are severely underweight. Surgical measures such as the insertion of a gastric band are not avoided in order to finally be able to lose weight.

Anyone who dreams of fat usually quickly asks themselves whether this should be a warning. Have you perhaps eaten too much fatty food lately? Or is there perhaps an indication of an illness hidden behind it?

When interpreting the dream symbol “fat”, the surrounding circumstances can also play an important role. Therefore, these should also be taken into account for the design. From this you can gain further clues about the message of the dream.

On the dream level, “Fett” can also refer to the name of a character from the “Star Wars” universe, namely the bounty hunter Boba Fett. If this is the case, the dream image “celebrities”, “cinema” or “film” should be taken into account.

Dream symbol “fat” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream image “fat” is considered one Warning dream understood. Because behind this dream there can be an indication of a certain abundance, which can drive away certain worries but can also cause discomfort. The dreamer should therefore be careful and not act too excessively if he experiences himself as full-figured and chubby in the dream.

Anyone who eats fat, bacon or lard in their dream, especially in large quantities, is threatened with exertion or even illness in the waking world. The sight of fat, for example as a packet of butter or in the form of margarine, perhaps also with rapeseed oil, in a dream brings dreams into waking life prosperity and wealth with him.

If the dreamer prepares something with fat while sleeping, for example by making dough for cookies or donuts, he will face losses. If you see grease stains or an oil stain on your clothes in a dream, according to the general dream interpretation you can expect one rich marriage be happy.

Being obese as a dream image usually indicates a low life self-consciousness or any existing feelings of inferiority. Being overweight in a dream can also show that you do not feel accepted by other people in the waking world.

A full, obese child in a dream indicates a favorable phase in life that will now begin. So it is a very positive dream symbol!

If you dream of removing grease from something metallic using petroleum, you will probably soon meet an interesting person. If you make candles from fat, for example from llama fat, you should usually use more optimism Look into the future. The earwax, which represents the body’s own fat in both animals and humans, signals the fear of embarrassment or misbehavior that others will notice in the dreamer.

Dream symbol “fat” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “fat” is primarily seen as a Ekeltraum viewed. In addition, this dream can indicate to the sleeper a situation in which he was not as careful as he should have been. He has put himself in a difficult position, which will prove to be “greasy” for him.

Anyone who sees themselves as pot-bellied in the dream world, although in reality they are slim or of normal build, has a psychological burden to bear. In front of this dream image, you should ask yourself whether and how you can free yourself from this baggage as quickly as possible. Discussions about this often help.

The fat in the dream can also indicate prosperity and pleasures that await the sleeper in the waking world. At the same time, the dream symbol also contains one admonitionNot to make your life too easy or to make life too easy for yourself. The sight of greasy shoe polish in a dream can also be interpreted in a similar way.

A fat man or a fat woman as a dream image can indicate the sensual side of the dreamer. He should deal with this more in his waking life. Sometimes such a dream can also… Insecurities show because of your own appearance. Do you feel corpulent? Try to investigate the cause of this.

Dream symbol “fat” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream analysis sees the symbol “fat” as an expression for simplicity and naturalness. In addition, a dream in which you or another person is overweight can also be a hint of uncleanliness. This does not mean that one is dirty: the soul is not pure, but burdened.

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