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From childhood on we meet very different people. First of all, there are the parents as the closest caregivers. The relationship with them is generally characterized by great trust. Relatives, friends, teachers, colleagues and superiors come later. The first encounter often decides whether we perceive someone as a friend or an enemy.

If someone dreams of meeting other people, they are probably curious and interested. However, if the other person behaves in a dismissive or even threatening manner during the meeting, the dreamer will certainly feel scary.

encounter - dream interpretation

What matters when interpreting dreams is who you meet in the dream.

Anyone who dreams of an encounter often sees specific people in this context. We would first like to briefly explain to you the most common dream situations about getting together:

Dream symbol “encounter” – The most common dreams about the symbol

How is that possible? Meeting yourself in a dream

Things are possible in dreams that are unthinkable in reality. This means you can not only see your own reflection while you sleep, but also meet yourself as a person. This image can even be “touched” in a dream and moves completely independently in space. The unusual but frequently occurring dream situation shows that the dreamer is currently critically examining himself. He wants to learn more about himself and the aspects of his being – including the dark, previously hidden sides. Looking at yourself from the outside in a dream promotes a more objective and unbiased perspective.

Ouch: meeting your ex-boyfriend in a dream

If you meet your ex-boyfriend in your sleep, you should pay attention to the feelings you feel. Was the dream pleasant or rather disturbing? If the dreamed encounter is positive, you long for the good times. They don’t have to have to do with a former partner; they can also be beautiful childhood memories. However, if the dream experience was negative, a certain fear of old patterns emerges. Did you learn from a previous experience?

The dream analysis of the symbol “encountering the dead”

Have you encountered dead people in your dream? Whether strangers or deceased relatives, such dreams can be frightening. But don’t worry after a nightmare, there is often even good behind it. In this case, the meeting symbolizes the departure into a better phase of life. Have you had a lot of stress lately? Easier times are coming with this dream symbol. So look positively into the future.

Dream symbol “encounter” – the general interpretation

According to traditional dream interpretation, the dream symbol “encounter” is a symbol of confrontation with one’s own personality. The people you meet in your dream embody your own attitudes, beliefs and patterns of action. The dream image can often be understood as an invitation to go into company.

According to popular dream interpretation, meeting a friend in a dream heralds positive news. The dreamer will soon receive a surprising visit. He will be very happy to see you again. However, the dream symbol also warns Friendships to take care of yourself and not to offend people close to you through careless words or actions.

Coming together with a person you don’t like or who you may even perceive as an enemy symbolizes unpleasant things news. According to general dream analysis, the sleeper will see people again who were previously unsympathetic to him. The dream image “encounter” can also represent impending misfortune.

If you meet a well-known personality in a dream, perhaps a celebrity from television, and shake his hand, the dream image can indicate a nice trip and a happy return home. If one meets a clergyman in a dream, the dream symbol “encounter” is a warning of illness or death in the family.

Dream symbol “encounter” – the psychological interpretation

This is for the psychological interpretation of dreams Act of the people in the dream is revealing. Often two dream figures appear who behave in opposite ways. Sometimes the dreamer’s appearance also differs depending on who he meets. In this context, the dream symbol “encounter” reflects the two sides of the sleeper himself.

According to dream analysis, the encounters often also symbolize people or experiences from the world Past of the dreamer. Through the dream image, the subconscious confronts him with phases of life and experiences that he has not yet processed. You should therefore pay attention to who you meet in your dream.

If the people cannot be clearly recognized because they are made up of different people, the dream symbol “encounter” points to certain ones Character traits of the dreamer. According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream of getting together is an invitation to deal with the different aspects of your own personality.

An encounter with a woman therefore represents the relationship with one’s own emotions and the female part of the soul. Accordingly, the dream image “encounter” embodies energy, strength and protection when it comes to a man.

In addition, according to the understanding of dream analysis, the dream refers to the through Logic shaped part of being, regardless of whether the dreamer is a man or a woman.

If the sleeping person meets a stranger in a dream, the subconscious is trying to acquaint him with the unknown sides of his personality. According to dream analysis, the previously hidden character traits are currently blocked by inner inhibitions and fears. However, the dream symbol is intended to encourage the dreamer to approach themselves with curiosity and open-mindedness.

Dream symbol “encounter” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “encounter” is a symbol of contact with the spiritual dream interpretation Divine.

In many myths and legends, the gods take shape to approach people. The dream makes it clear that the openness opens up a great wealth of knowledge to the dreamer regarding spirituality.

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