Luggage – dream interpretation

We usually go on a journey with luggage. Depending on the duration of the trip, this can be one or more pieces of luggage and it contains everything that is important to us and that we absolutely need.

When you’re on a family vacation, it’s almost a given that the many pieces of luggage have to be squeezed into the trunk with great difficulty. Sometimes our luggage can be a little too heavy for us and we need help with it. Practical trolleys with wheels help us to cope with larger, bulky items of luggage when we are rushing through the train station or airport to be able to travel with us as a passenger. It used to be the station masters and their staff who helped load luggage onto the train and coordinated the process at the station, but this practical service has long since ceased to exist.

But what does the dream symbol “luggage” mean? Why did it appear to you in a dream? What does it mean to point out? Think about what else you had with you in the dream and look for these dream symbols in our large lexicon of dream interpretation.

The exact circumstances in the dream are crucial for interpreting the dream symbol: Did you carry luggage? Did you travel with luggage or perhaps you didn’t have any with you even though you went on vacation? We will introduce you to the most common dream situations surrounding the symbol below:

Dream symbol “luggage” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Heavily packed: Carrying luggage in dream interpretation

In dream interpretation, carrying luggage is often a symbol of worries and problems. The heavier the dreamed luggage is, the more the sleeper can be influenced by it. He loses sight of the needs of his fellow human beings. At the same time, he can no longer develop freely and concentrate on the essentials.

Dream trip with luggage

Dreams about traveling with luggage always allow conclusions to be drawn about your own personality. They therefore symbolize a journey to one’s own self. What matters is where the sleeper went in the dream and what belongings he had with him. From this we can conclude what is particularly important to us in life and what material and ideal values ​​we are guided by.

The “luggage rack” as a dream symbol

According to dream interpretation, the luggage rack on a bicycle is intended to prepare you for future challenges. Not everything will turn out in the near future as the sleeping person planned and hoped. But with the right help he will be able to solve the problems and overcome difficulties.

However, if you recognize a person carrying a traveler’s luggage, the dreamer should worry about whether he is even adequately pursuing his own needs. Maybe the person is living more for others than for themselves at the moment.

If your luggage is missing on your dream trip

Traveling without luggage: What does this dream image mean?

Anyone who dreams of a vacation without luggage longs for freedom. The sleeper wants to break away from material values, external demands and responsibilities. He may have the feeling that he cannot develop further at the moment or feels held back by certain aspects of his life.

Dreaming about forgetting your luggage – oh dear!

Dreams in which you realize that you have forgotten your luggage traditionally herald difficulties in family life. There is a risk of disputes and possibly even the end of the relationship with your partner. The dream image of forgotten luggage also warns you to take better care of your money. Otherwise it could happen that financial losses can no longer be compensated for in the long term.

Leaving your luggage behind or losing it in the dream…

In general dream interpretation, suitcases symbolize the dreamer’s expanded personality, meaning talents and life goals. If luggage is left behind or lost in the dream, these personality aspects may be in danger of fading or being ignored. Anyone who sees themselves in dreams without any baggage also has hardly any burdens to carry in the waking world. This particularly refers to “legacy issues” that come from the past.

Dream symbol “luggage” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “luggage” symbolizes the expanded personality of the dreamer, i.e. his energy, talents, life content and plans. That’s why the dreamer must not lose his luggage in the dream, because that would mean giving up part of himself.

If the dreamer sees himself in the dream with extraordinary baggage, this is, according to general dream interpretation, an indication that the dreamer is carrying a special burden with him in the waking world. This baggage can be emotional or of other kinds. The dream may have too high demands on itself or others.

This dream image could also mean a trauma from the past; The dreamer should think about whether a drastic event happened to him as a child from which fear could have developed. This could be the “baggage” in the sense of ballast that the person carries around with them.

If the dreamer has trouble handling his belongings in the dream, this can also happen to him in the waking world difficulties or unpleasant matters are coming up. These can only be mastered with difficulty or danger. Heavy or unwieldy luggage in a dream symbolizes a lot of mental burdens for the dreamer, but also unnecessary trouble that the dreamer has brought upon himself.

If the dreamer is busy dragging his own luggage in the dream, the general dream interpretation shows him through this dream image that he carries a lot of worries with him in waking life. As a result, he lost sight of the worries and needs of other people. The dream symbol also suggests that he should change his behavior here.

The general dream interpretation interprets the loss of one’s own luggage in a dream as a symbol of upcoming events Quarrels within the family. For people who live in a relationship, this dream situation can also be interpreted as a sign of a separation. If you were unable to finish packing your luggage and had to start the journey without important items of clothing or something similar, the dream may have problems with a change in your life.

If something falls out of the dreamer’s suitcase and another person gives it back to him, he will also need help from other people in the waking world with upcoming projects. If the dreamer receives help with his luggage in the dream from another person, for example a page, and this person drops the luggage, this dream situation indicates a worsening of an issue that is due to the unreliability of partners in the waking world.

Dream symbol “luggage” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the luggage in the dream symbolizes the expanded ones Character traits of the dreamer. This can also be understood as his energy and ability to survive the journey of life safely. Under certain circumstances, the dreamer is stressed in the waking world, then the dream symbol “luggage” can be interpreted as the plans or feelings that the dreamer should leave behind.

If the dreamer loses one or more pieces of luggage in the dream, the psychological dream interpretation interprets this as a loss of psychological energy. It may also indicate an illness. It’s best to shift down a gear.

Dream symbol “luggage” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “luggage” as sorrowful time for the dreamer. But as quickly as you can put your luggage down, these moments can pass just as quickly.

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