Initiation – dream interpretation

An inauguration usually takes place when an institution or building is newly opened. For example, museums, a gallery, restaurants, airports, train stations, shopping centers or individual shops are often inaugurated as part of a large celebration. Even after a private move, many people hold a housewarming party to show friends and relatives their new living space and to thank them for their help.

But ceremonial inaugurations don’t just take place regularly in real life. Sometimes it happens on the level of our dreams that we take part in an initiation. Here such a celebration always has a high symbolic significance. As a dream image, an initiation allows many conclusions to be drawn. But how exactly do you interpret the dream symbol?

Dream symbol “inauguration” – the general interpretation

Basically, an initiation in a dream is considered a positive and promising symbol. In many cases the dream image announces an enlargement of one’s own reputation at. The dreamer can improve his social position. Others recognize his achievements without envy and praise him for what he does.

In addition, dream interpreters often interpret the symbol “initiation” as a hint of something to come New beginning. The dreamer is at a crucial point in life. He laid the foundation for future ventures. In this context, the symbol of the initiation represents the need to be able to show one’s own work. The dream situation often refers to successful further development in professional life.

Sometimes the dream symbol also alludes to private areas. For example, it can promise the founding of a family. If you experience a solemn procession in the dream world in which a crowd marches together, the sleeper will finally be able to get rid of thoughts that have been tormenting him for a long time. A processing process is currently taking place.

In addition to these possible meanings of the dream image “initiation”, traditional dream interpretation occasionally interprets it as a sign that the sleeper is resting within himself. He is at peace with himself. There is a good relationship between the different parts of the personality balance. The dreamer also radiates this to the outside world.

Dream symbol “inauguration” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach of dream analysis, an initiation is a symbol of Chances of success.

Anyone who sends invitations in a dream and initiates something themselves will soon be offered new opportunities. The subconscious has already noticed that a change initiating. This can mean opportunities that arise from external circumstances.

But certain inner aspects, i.e. the dreamer’s very personal abilities, are also currently developing and giving them the opportunity to try new things. According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “initiation” is intended to encourage the sleeper to follow these paths. Successes will not be long in coming.

As a dream image, a topping-out ceremony signals that the sleeper has created a good foundation in his life to move forward and develop further without any problems. Founding and inaugurating your own company in a dream shows that the dreaming person is definitely taking professional risks in order to make a career. Maybe there is one Job change before with higher responsibility.

Dream symbol “inauguration” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol “initiation” symbolizes one crossing. The dreamer enters new states of consciousness during his personal development. This also increases your knowledge of your own soul.

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