Condolences – dream interpretation

“Condolences” is usually a word for difficult times. At the end of the funeral, when we shake hands or hug the relatives in mourning clothes, we say “My condolences” And flee to this phrase because there are no words that could actually alleviate the loss. Those who receive condolences are in grief, the world only seems to be a dark place, joy and carefree are far away. One is caught in memories of the beloved person who will never speak again.

Condolences - dream interpretation

However, expressing condolences can also be an insincere gesture, made by people who are not close to you and who may not even like you.

Sometimes the saying is “My condolences” also used in a figurative or ironic sense, for example when we are faced with a task that we do not like.

Dream symbol “condolences” – the general interpretation

In order to be able to interpret this dream symbol correctly, it is of great importance whether the dream receives condolences or expresses their condolences themselves.
Anyone who mourns the dream often sits with one Loss apart, which he doesn’t want to think about in his waking life, which has not yet been processed.

It’s rarely about actual death, but rather about saying goodbye to old ideas or previous relationships. Maybe you’re making one right now change and you first have to let go of the old before you can devote yourself entirely to the new.

If condolences are expressed to you in your dream, this is a clear indication of a grieving process within you, either because you are currently changing or because you feel, at least felt, in a very difficult situation difficult situation condition. If you see mourning clothes on you, you are trying to make a call for help in your waking life.

If you express your condolences yourself, the dream interpretation depends on who you send your condolences to. Generally speaking, expressing condolences is a dream symbol that means that your… Help in your circle of friends or at work: someone needs you.

If it is a specific person in your dream, several small signs that have accumulated have probably led you to notice this person’s distress. Don’t hesitate to offer him your help and be there for him.

Dream symbol “condolences” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, grief in dreams always represents that Let goin order to create the opportunity to let new things into your own life. Saying goodbye to your own habits can be very painful and take time.

It is all the more important that friends and partners understand us in such a situation and are at our side to comfort us. The same applies if you find yourself in a difficult situation in life and are struggling with great internal or external difficulties.

If you dream of condolences at such a time, they should be treated with caution. They are an indication that you do not feel understood by someone or several people around you. Others only seem to take part in yours Fate Share, while in reality you hardly interest you. You perceive this hypocrisy and process this dream symbol in a dream.

Dream symbol “condolences” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, condolences stand for sadness and therefore for the Farewell from the old one. Only through this work of mourning can the spirit free itself and engage in new things.

If you dream of certain people in a condolence dream, it can be an indication of future ones Mentors act.

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