Crash – dream interpretation

Threatening experiences such as a fall, which usually happens from a great height, are among the dream symbols that can appear frequently and are very worrying for the dreamer. In contrast to stumbling or briefly falling, falling in a dream is interpreted as much more far-reaching and serious. Sometimes the cause of the fall is not precisely defined. It then appears to the dreamer as if he were letting himself go.

What exactly does the dream symbol “crash” mean? In order to answer this question, the following sections describe some dream situations that are related to falling in a dream.

Dream symbol “crash” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Crashing in a dream with flying vehicles

A zeppelin crashes in a dream

If you dream of a Zeppelin crashing, you may have to expect difficulties in your waking life. It could be that he is in great danger or that his existence is at risk due to a serious mistake in business life. The crashing airship signals to the sleeper that he should ask trustworthy people around him for help.

Dreaming of crashing in hot air balloon

A hot air balloon crash in a dream tells the dreamer that he is obviously not entirely sure about his future path in life. The dreaming person tried to get an overview of their current situation. She may also have considered what new opportunities could open up for her professionally or privately. The balloon crash now indicates that the dreamer has not yet found the optimal solution for himself.

Help, he doesn’t fly anymore! The helicopter crash in the dream

If the dreamer experiences that a helicopter in which he is flying crashes, this dream symbol should warn him against too much arrogance and arrogance. The dreamer may have recently behaved somewhat arrogantly and distantly towards those around him. As the helicopter descends in the dream, the sleeper is brought back down to earth. He should use this opportunity to cultivate his interpersonal relationships more again.

Fallen from the clouds – Crashing in a plane in a dream

If you dream that you are sitting in a plane that is crashing, you should critically question your own life goals and wishes. It could be that the dreaming person has set unrealistic goals that they may not achieve. If you dream of a plane crashing, you should remember your real possibilities.

Get up close and personal! Seeing a plane crash in a dream

Seeing a plane or a fighter jet crash or burn in a dream can indicate a fear of flying and a certain panic about flying. The dream symbol “fighter jet crash” is also interpreted in dream research as a warning to the dreaming person. It indicates that some projects may fail, so the dreamer should consider alternatives.

A crashing plane that burns in the dream experience can be interpreted in different ways: Bright flames can indicate happiness and future success in your private or professional life. According to general dream interpretation, black smoke rising from the plane represents failure and fear of the future.

Aliens on the move – dreaming of a UFO crashing

The UFO crash appears to be a particularly unrealistic dream experience. The dreaming person apparently tends to quickly lose themselves in fantasy worlds that are disconnected from reality. This can sometimes be useful to recharge your batteries for everyday life. In the long run, the dreamer will lose sight of the needs at work and in her private life. That’s why the dream symbol “UFO crashes” calls on you to concentrate more on your obligations and needs in reality – especially if aliens also appear in the dream.

Crashing in a dream using other means of transport

Falling off the cable car in a dream

Anyone who dreams of a cable car crash should be careful not to become overconfident or arrogant. Maybe the dreamer thinks that he doesn’t have to make a special effort to achieve success and recognition because he seems to be able to do everything with ease. However, this is a fallacy. The crash of the gondola brings the dreaming person back down to earth and reminds them of hard work and modesty.

It only goes downhill! Dreaming about falling in the elevator

If you fall off the elevator in a dream, this is a traumatic experience for many people. That’s why many of them enter an elevator with an uneasy feeling. The dreamed elevator crash can also be interpreted as an expression of the dreamer’s feeling of fear. But this can also apply to other areas of life.

In a figurative sense, the elevator crash tells the dreaming person that he should not set unrealistic goals. The fall in the elevator also warns the dreamer against excessive ambition. She should not engage in projects that will most likely fail. Instead, it makes sense to pursue goals that match the dreamer’s abilities.

A nightmare: crashing your own car

A crash in a car, for example in a car accident, can be a dream experience that causes the dreamer great concern. Perhaps during the dream of the car crash he is also afraid of death when he imagines that he himself is still in the crashing automobile. The crash of the vehicle also signals to the dreaming person that they currently do not have enough self-confidence and may also be plagued by self-doubt. These can be due to past events that may still be bothering the dreamer.

The bus crash in the dream

If you dream of a bus falling down a precipice in a traffic accident, for example, the dreaming person may feel controlled by others. Perhaps there are other people in the dreamer’s life who prevent him from self-realization or even want to harm him. Therefore, the sleeper may feel a feeling of powerlessness.

Dreaming of falling from houses or mountains

Dream Interpretation: Falling from the house

Anyone who experiences a house falling in a dream should see this as a warning not to act rashly. The dreaming person may be prone to reckless actions that they have not properly thought through. In any case, the dreamer should not undertake risky projects in the near future.

Falling through the ground into a lower floor of a house is also a dream image that warns against rash actions.

No summit in sight: Falling from the mountain in a dream

For many people, climbing a mountain and looking down into the valley from the summit is a lifelong dream. But this can also quickly turn into a nightmare, namely if the dreamer falls off the mountain. This dream symbol indicates to the dreaming person that they may have acted somewhat rashly and rashly recently. Falling off the mountain could also mean that the dreamer has set unrealistic goals that he cannot achieve. Maybe he has to give up some hopes.

Other people fall in dreams

Crashing with your partner in a dream

A crash with your own partner as a dream experience can indicate that the dreamer has recently neglected his relationship, so that it may be in danger of breaking up. The dreaming person should understand the dream symbol “falling down” in connection with their partner as an invitation to bring new momentum into their love life. However, she should remain realistic and not have too high expectations of her partner.

Dreaming of a child falling

In dream research, a child’s fall is often seen as a sign of imminent loss, especially if he or she falls down the stairs. If the little one falls from the balcony or out of the window, it warns the dreaming person of arrogance and arrogance.

The dream symbol can also be interpreted positively. This is especially true if the child falls into a well, hole, or off a bridge. The dreamer can then prepare for a change in life that will probably bring him or her a lot of success and recognition.

Watching a crash in a dream

Seeing a fall in a dream or watching a stranger or a tightrope walker fall can indicate that the dreamer may be plagued by fears of failure and loss. It is also possible that the dreamer is worried about people around him if he dreams of seeing someone fall or crash. In any case, the sleeper should find out the cause of these anxious feelings in order to be able to free themselves from them.

That was close! Almost crashing in a dream

If you dreamed of almost falling, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the dreaming person just escaped a misfortune or freed themselves from a dangerous situation. The dream symbol should also be understood as a warning to the dreamer: It is advisable to act more carefully and carefully in the future, otherwise new disaster could threaten.

Dream symbol “crash” – the general interpretation

A crash in a dream is usually associated with Doubt to yourself, fear of life and insecurities of the dreamer. This dream symbol is often also an indication of a loss that can affect the dreamer himself, but also other people. This loss can affect honor, reputation, power or even wealth. Mistakes and incorrect assessments are also symbolically revealed and clarified through the crash.

The saying that pride comes before a fall allows for another interpretation. After that, the fall would be a sign that the dreamer is being overcome by his arrogance or too much optimism by falling back onto the tree Ground of facts comes. In this context, the distance from the reality of life is usually symbolized by the particularly high altitude or by a crash in an airplane.

Another saying goes that someone can fall from the clouds. If someone fell out of those same clouds in a dream, you will either be pleasantly surprised or experience great disappointment. Both options are possible here.

In some dreams, a parachute opens when you fall. This rescue from a life-threatening situation is interpreted as an indication that the dream is his Angst want to overcome before crashing. Skydiving in a dream can help him with this.

Falling as a result of a daring jump, for example during parkour from roof to roof, is a dream situation that signals: be careful in all current activities. If you don’t pay attention now, your plans and projects will develop disadvantageously.

Dream symbol “crash” – the psychological interpretation

According to Sigmund Freud, the dreams in which the dreamer crashes also contain one sexual aspect. According to his interpretation, a fall in a dream is an indication of internal problems Inhibitionswhich lead to contact difficulties in the dreaming’s interpersonal relationships.

Also Fear of adaptation can be symbolized by the crash in the dream. When falling, the dreamer can let himself fall, be completely himself and no longer needs to adapt superficially. If this interpretation is correct, then you should deal more intensively with yourself and work on yourself.

Dream symbol “crash” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, falling is seen as Loss of control, loss of power and fear of failure. It shows that the dreamer feels like he has lost control in an area of ​​his life. Also crucial is the question of where the person who falls wants to land again, i.e. what should happen after the fall.

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