Ebola – dream interpretation

Ebola is an infectious disease that is fatal in many cases. It occurs mainly in Central and West Africa. There was the largest Ebola epidemic to date in 2014, 2015 and 2018, with over 30,000 infected people and more than 15,000 deaths.

Ebola - dream interpretation

Because of the high risk of infection and the danger of the virus, we have an official obligation to report even if an illness is suspected. Symptoms include high fever, vomiting and later external and internal bleeding. There is currently no treatment or vaccination. However, you can ease the symptoms and try to stop the bleeding.

A dream in which someone gets Ebola is certainly shocking. In addition to the concern for the sick person, there is also the fear of infection. Perhaps the dreamer also believes that he is suffering from the virus infection himself. The details of what happens in the dream play a crucial role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Ebola” – the general *interpretation

In dream interpretation, a virus like Ebola embodies the fear of something that could attack and weaken the dreamer. The dream symbol can indicate the dreamer’s own behavior or attitudes with which he harms himself.

However, the dream can also draw attention to external conditions that… negative influence have on life. In addition, the dream symbol “Ebola” can make it clear that the dreamer feels isolated and excluded. In dream interpretation, the infectious disease also represents the loss of mobility and independence.

According to popular dream interpretation, Ebola as a dream symbol promises a speedy recovery and an increase in health well-being. The dreamer should ask himself in which area of ​​life he is cure and wishes for improvement. According to dream interpretation, the fever associated with the viral disease can be a warning of actual impairments.

On the other hand, the high body temperature in an Ebola infection can also indicate increasing vitality and ask the dreamer to use it. The dream symbol asks him not to give in to possible fears about the future.

Since one of the symptoms of Ebola is bleeding, this aspect should also be taken into account when interpreting dreams. Blood symbolizes ours vitality. If it is a bright red color in the dream, this indicates creativity and passion. If it is light, the dream symbol draws attention to the lack of motivation in everyday life.

Dream symbol “Ebola” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Ebola” is an expression of exaggerated fear of disease. In a figurative sense, this represents a feeling of impurity and inadequacy. If the dreamer experiences the illness or epidemic on their own body in the dream, it usually symbolizes repressed experiences and memories or suppressed feelings. The subconscious uses the dream symbol “Ebola” to indicate the lack of ability to heal oneself.

The image “Ebola” in the dream also draws attention to the fact that the dreamer has such abilities as self-healing powers and that he should activate them. At the same time, for dream interpretation, the symptomatic fever is an expression of uncontrollable desires. If bleeding occurs in the dream as the disease progresses, the dream symbol “Ebola” also represents declining potency.

If you try to protect yourself from an Ebola infection in the dream world with the help of a face mask or a gas mask, you would perhaps prefer to live very lonely and withdrawn, as this is most in keeping with your own nature.

Dream symbol “Ebola” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “Ebola” is, in a transcendent sense, a sign of the missing spiritual clarity. The dreamer’s vision is clouded by a harmful influence.

When interpreting this motif in dreams, blood plays a central role as a spiritual and energetic symbol. If it runs up and down the body in the dream, it shows that the negative energies are flowing away and the positive, stabilizing ones are flowing into the body.

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