Disgust – dream interpretation

When a strong dislike or hatred is combined with disgust, a sensation called disgust occurs. The peculiarity of disgust is that the feeling of rejection can also cause strong physical reactions. These include nausea or the urge to vomit, but also sweating and falling blood pressure, which can lead to fainting.

Since disgust is shaped by socialization, it is scientifically considered an affect and not an instinct. Disgust often affects certain foods that are taboo, so to speak “forbidden” and viewed as disreputable. For some cultures it is natural to eat insects – for others it is unthinkable.

Even the mere sight of certain animals can cause disgust. Maggots, spiders, snakes and the like can cause great disgust in some people. However, disgust can also appear in some phobias. There it accompanies the prevailing fear. But a bad smell or a smell that you don’t like, such as from an incense stick, can also trigger disgust in a person.

If a person has an extreme sensitivity to disgust, then psychology speaks of the so-called “idiosyncrasy”. In contrast, there is the disease called “Huntington’s Chorea”, in which patients have no feeling of disgust at all and cannot read other people’s disgust from their faces and expressions (facial expressions).

Now let’s see what disgust can mean in a dream. Please always consider what you are disgusted by and be sure to look for its meaning!

Dream symbol “disgust” – the general interpretation

If disgust arises in the dreamer, then it is usually unconscious thoughts that cause this purely physical reaction. As in the waking world, disgust in the dream world tends to herald something negative. If the dreamer feels disgust, then it can soon become a problem bad luck come. Sometimes it is simply the announcement of a small stomach upset.

If the dreamer feels disgusted while sleeping while eating or before eating, then dream research interprets this as an indication that another person wishes something bad for the dreamer. There are threats Them and resentmentwhen this dream image shows itself. If you have strange things like feces in your mouth and feel extremely disgusted, the dreamer is actively repressing or hiding problems from those around you.

Disgusting smells can be interpreted in different ways according to general dream research: Smelling feces shows that something Good will arise. A project grows, the money can increase. Feeling disgust for old, smelly urine in the dream world usually symbolizes a quick recovery if you become ill.

A caustic, nauseating smell of decay points to one New beginning, which can affect every area of ​​life: your partnership, your job, your place of residence. Perceiving something rotten, moldy, which perhaps triggers the urge to gag, is a dream image of a matter that, firstly, involves a mistake or defect and, secondly, can lead to failure and anger.

Even a kiss can be disgusting and unpleasant: too wet, disgusting bad breath that is annoying. This dream shows the unprocessed fears that burden the dreamer. If you often dream of getting a nasty (french) kiss, you should come to terms with yours internal blockages consciously deal with it.

If the dream is about a disgusting animal, then this is not a bad sign, but is considered a symbol of much success in the world Love. A disgusting animal also symbolizes a certain sexually driven longing, which, however, is embarrassing for the dreamer.

If you are afraid and disgusted by an animal in your own bed, for example a fat rat or fat spider, the sleeper should pay more attention to his love life.

Disgust for a frog indicates fear of an impending frog Life development there; The dreamer is afraid of what he does not yet know and what may come. Anyone who finds a naked mole rat or a naked cat disgusting is plagued by the pain and grief that bubbles beneath the surface.

The disgusting feeling when a worm or maggot crawls under the skin simply signals that the unconscious is slowly coming to the surface of consciousness; If you have repressed the past, processing it now ensures greater peace of mind.

Dream symbol “disgust” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dreamed disgust is usually a reaction to unconscious feelings interpreted. Often it is these feelings or tendencies that subconscious makes the topic in the dream something that the dreamer himself rejects.

In this context, the disgust in the dream world should encourage the dreamer to think carefully about his behavior or his attitudes. The disgusting thing is therefore created by the subconscious, since this feeling remains in the dreamer’s consciousness even after he wakes up.

A dirty, disgusting toilet is a very common image experienced in dreams. From a psychological point of view, the toilet dirty with urine and feces represents great things Luck and successes that await the dreamer in the near future. This has to do with the fact that the person manages to free themselves from mental baggage and be mentally open to new goals.

Does the dreamer suffer from one in the waking world? Upset stomachthen disgust can also show up in the dream action for this reason.

Dream symbol “disgust” – the spiritual interpretation

The dreamed disgust indicates, according to the spiritual interpretation of dreams unconscious feeling of the dreamer, which he should explore.

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