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The color yellow is the color of the sun and the sunflower named after it. It appears warm and cheerful and brightens the mood. In Feng Shui it stands for patience and wisdom and is said to stimulate spiritual energy. We paint a room yellow when we want to brighten it up or make it more pleasant. In fashion, a yellow T-shirt is considered bright and daring. Yellow is also the color of the Simpsons characters.

On the other hand, yellow is also the color of body fluids that reject us, such as urine, bile, vomit and pus. We’re talking about that someone “yellow with envy” becomes. Jaundice is not only an unpleasant and dangerous disease, but also a very unattractive one. Finally, the yellow in the traffic light reminds us that a red light is about to follow, or it warns of pedestrians who are about to cross the road.

Insects also have yellow stripes to appear poisonous and to warn predators. In chemistry, sulfur is often mentioned as a typical representative of yellow substances and mustard can also be found in the expression “mustard yellow”. Yellow can be a warm and bright color, as well as an unpleasant color or a color of warning.

Many people dream of yellow objects, people dressed in yellow or animals with yellow-patterned skin. We have summarized and interpreted for you the dream situations that appear more often at night than average. Let yourself be surprised – maybe your dream will even be there…?

Dream symbol “yellow” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Mustard yellow and dark yellow tones. What does my dream tell me?

If the color that played an important role in the dream is not a sunny, bright yellow, but a darker yellow like ocher, reminiscent of mustard, then you should be on your guard at the moment. Aspects such as envy and betrayal often symbolically come into play with mustard yellow in dreams. Therefore, consider the dream experience as a well-intentioned warning from your subconscious: it has already recognized a devious intrigue against you. So take a closer look at your environment and think longer about who you confide in in the future.

Dream symbol “yellow” – the general interpretation

In order to be able to interpret the color yellow in a dream, the color tone is important first of all. A rich, sunny yellow or golden yellow, such as the flower head of a chamomile flower, is the color of sun and light. She stands for that Life and the wisdom. It may also be a reference to what the dreamer feels or longs for Freedom.

These positive interpretations are particularly effective in dreaming of yellow flowers, such as marigolds, buttercups or even gorse, in landscapes full of blooming rapeseed fields or dreams of sun-drenched rooms. Yellow or yellowish fruits, such as passionflower or quince, are usually interpreted positively. Yellow plumage, such as that of an oriole, can also be interpreted positively. Yellow beets during sleep can indicate a stable state of health.

A medium, less sunny yellow reflects your own to the dreamer egoism again. He should take a step back in his waking life. If, on the other hand, the yellow in the dream is pale or dirty, the other meaning of the color comes into play – that of treason and des After.

Greed can also play a role. Maybe you fear that others will harm you because they envy you or because they don’t begrudge you a valuable possession. As a dream image, honey-yellow raisins can warn against carelessness.

Depending on which objects or perhaps animals are colored yellow in the dream, the dream symbol can also be one warning act of the subconscious. The dreamer recognizes a danger that is lurking and gives it shape in the dream. If you see the yellow and black banner of the Hufflepuff house in a dream, you will usually act fairly in the waking world.

Dream symbol “yellow” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, yellow represents the spiritual energy and growth. The color can indicate that you are reaping what you have sown, meaning that you can now enjoy the fruits of your spiritual efforts. Maybe you’re feeling special right now creative and energetic.

Yellow can also femininity symbolize. The dreamer longs for more femininity in life or feels at the mercy of a woman, which can be perceived as both positive and negative.

Dream symbol “yellow” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the color yellow indicates the Intuition and to advance into new ones spiritual realms.

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