Fan – dream interpretation

By waving a fan back and forth, you can create a draft that has a cooling effect on the skin. A fan is particularly practical in hot temperatures, but it is much more than just a utility item. It is often used to hide one’s face.

Fan - dream interpretation

Especially in Europe, from the 16th century onwards, the fan was considered both a fashion accessory and a status symbol as well as a flirtatious tool. The fan is popular in Japan as an important prop in traditional dances. There it serves as an extension of the arm for Asian women, which significantly increases the expressiveness of the gestures.

Subjects were designed differently depending on the region and era. The illustrations can be borrowed from ancient stories or reflect contemporary events. In Europe, the fan was considered an important fashion accessory for women until the early 20th century. Since it was very complex and expensive to produce, it also took on the role of a status symbol that underlined the sensitivity of femininity.

A special feature is the specialist language, which was used in societies from the 18th century onwards. This made it possible to exchange messages without words. The women were even able to take courses to learn this technical language.

Dream symbol “fan” – the general interpretation

In dream research, the fan is usually used as a symbol for vanity interpreted by the dreamer. It can also indicate female weaknesses. Since the fan can always cover something up, it often symbolizes jealousy as well Fraud

The dreamer should think about the true intentions of a person when he meets him in the dream world with a fan.

In general, the fan can be seen in the dream world as a sign of positive things news and pleasant surprises will be seen in the near future.

In the dreams of young women, the fan can be a new one acquaintance to announce. However, if she loses an old fan in the dream world, then a good friend will be interested in other women.

Dream symbol “fan” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the fan is used as a connection to female Page and interpreted to the intuitive powers of the being.

If he appears in a woman’s dream, then he points to her sensuality and sexuality there. In women’s dreams it can also represent coquetry and ornamentation, which is intended to attract attention. Women who have a fan dream often tend to always want to be the center of attention in the waking world.

Another interpretation sees the fan as a tool to do something hide. Sometimes it can be the dreamer’s true qualities and character traits that he would like to keep secret. Or they are plans that the dreamer makes to deceive other people.

On the other hand, the fan also symbolizes the openness that the dreamer has to gain new experiences. creativity can also express itself through a dreamed fan. By fanning air, evil forces can also be driven away in the dream world.

Dream symbol “fan” – the spiritual interpretation

The fan is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol of the waxing and waning Mond interpreted.

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