Fishing net – dream interpretation

A fishing net is a net-shaped fabric with narrow meshes whose main task is to catch fish. Depending on what type of fish is to be caught, whether mackerel or pike, the mesh opening can differ and can sometimes be larger or smaller. When choosing the right fishing net, the size of the fish is particularly important.

But why does a fishing net appear to us in a dream? Would we like to catch one or more fish? Or are we watching someone else try something like this? When interpreting such a dream, not only the symbol itself but also the surrounding circumstances should be considered more closely. This provides further clues for interpretation.

Dream symbol “fishing net” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “fishing net” heralds a very successful and profitable time at. The dreamer will be able to successfully implement his projects and plans in the waking world and achieve the desired result.

A safety net in a dream can refer to one muddled situation point out, from which one cannot escape so easily. This dream situation can also indicate that you should put an end to something specific in your waking life. A mosquito net as protection against mosquitoes in a dream indicates the dreamer’s desire for no harassment or trouble.

If you see a cast net or a fish trap in your dream, you have to go to the real world bad luck set. If the dreamer looks for such a net while sleeping, he will, however, be favored by luck. If the sleeper is caught in a fishing net in a dream, generally speaking, he can receive an indication of erotic misconduct.

On the other hand, if you try to catch fish in your dream with a fish trap in the water, you would like to be successful in the sexual area. If a fisherman throws out a net in his sleep and catches fish in it, the person concerned should realize that he has turned into a rival in the waking world unpleasant situation would like to bring.

Dream symbol “fishing net” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the symbol of the fishing net can illustrate that the sleeper is looking for a… fulfilling relationship or longs for commitment. This fulfillment should also include the dreamer’s sexual desires.

Through his dream he should now also realize that the prerequisites for such a partnership are good Self-knowledge is. Because only when the dreamer is at peace with himself will he be able to fully dedicate himself to other people.

If the sleeper hangs a bed net or a mosquito net over his bed in his dream, it should be shown to him that he is his sexuality I find it intoxicating, but at the same time unsettling. Anyone who wears a hairnet over their hair in their dream is trying to protect their life energy from the harmful influence of other people.

Dream symbol “fishing net” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the fishing net can be seen in a dream Feeling of tightness or symbolize trepidation that the dreamer feels in the waking world.

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