Helmet – dream interpretation

A helmet protects the head in accidents and from falling objects. A helmet is just as essential for soldiers as it is for workers on a construction site or underground. Professional athletes such as cyclists and skiers have been covering their heads for a long time to prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall. Riding a motorcycle would also be far too dangerous without a helmet, considering the numerous accidents that result in death with this vehicle – even with a helmet. Beekeepers also try to protect their heads from the bees with a kind of helmet.

The first bicycle helmets for private use were primarily offered to children. The simple helmet has now become a fashionable accessory for adults too, with a colorful, chic or cool design depending on the sport and personal taste.

A dream about a helmet may cause surprise. The dreamer may wonder why he needs head protection at all, especially if there is no real connection to a job or sport that requires wearing a helmet. The question of what should be protected is of great importance in dream interpretation.

There are different types of helmets: from motorcycle helmets to knight’s helmets, they all serve to protect the head. When interpreting dreams, it plays an important role which helmet the dreamer is wearing or whether he even uses head protection in case of danger. Here you will find the relevant information about the dream symbol “helmet”:

Dream symbol “helmet” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Riding without a helmet – a dream interpretation

The job of a helmet is to protect the head. If dreaming drives without a helmet, this can indicate inadequate self-protection. What is important for traditional dream interpretation is what the dreamer is riding: on a motorcycle, for example, the risk of a head injury without a crash helmet is much higher than on a bicycle. The means of transport reflects the extent of the danger in the waking world. If you dream of not wearing a protective helmet in very risky situations, you should think about how you can better protect yourself from certain people or situations during the day.

A football helmet is particularly safe head protection from the world of sports. Because of the grille in front of the face, you can hardly see what’s behind it. This helmet is a bit like a mask. In the dream of a football helmet, the protective function is emphasized more than the hiding function. The question arises as to what should be hidden and protected. Maybe it’s just a little secret, a truth that doesn’t concern everyone. The dream image may indicate a vulnerable part of the dreamer’s personality that is reluctant to be shown openly.

Dream symbol “helmet” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the helmet is a dream symbol of protection and concern. On the one hand, this can mean that the dreamer is his Opinion on a specific topic or his general attitude towards life. He must first be clear about his own thoughts before revealing them publicly.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “helmet” can also represent the protection of the dreamer himself. He may have the feeling of others both in the dream and in reality attacked and must first prepare himself mentally before facing possible confrontations. When interpreting dreams, the question arises for the dreamer as to whether and to what extent he is willing to change something about his attitude.

A helmet that is worn by another person in a dream serves the same purpose as a dream symbol as a mask. He prevents others from seeing this person. It is important for the dreamer to answer what he or another person from his living environment hide want.

In popular dream interpretation, a helmet in a dream means that financial difficulties are impending, which, however, can be eliminated through clever action or the sudden appearance of a patron.

If the dreamer wears the helmet on his head, he will… Love Matters get to the goal. The dream symbol can announce a pleasant visit, as well as problems with a business partner. The dreamer is well advised to take good legal protection in order to deal with such problems appropriately.

The sight of helmets in a barracks while you sleep can remind you to act carefully and thoughtfully in the waking world. Anyone who wears a helmet and armor in their dream often shows themselves to be relentless in emotional matters.

Dream symbol “helmet” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the dream symbol helmet is a symbol of masculinity in dream interpretation. It used to belong to warriors and heroes and was considered not only as head protection, but also as an attribute of Mut and belligerence. This image continues today in motorcycle clubs and all-male jobs on construction sites.

So if you wear headgear like a helmet in a dream, it can reflect the dreamer’s self-image or the unconscious desire to correspond to this image. A folded down visor further reinforces the symbolism of the dream image “helmet”: the dreamer is determined to assert himself in a matter with all his might.

In addition, the dream symbol “helmet” embodies the need for in dream interpretation Self-protection and Self-preservation. The dreamer unconsciously shields himself from his environment. He may want to organize his thoughts before speaking about them in the company of others. However, his dream may also show a repressed rejection of his own character weaknesses that he would rather hide.

Dream symbol “helmet” – the spiritual interpretation

As a dream symbol, the helmet protects the spiritual self of the dreamer. In dream interpretation, this means that the dreamer has his or her spiritual level against that Influences the material world must defend.

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