Misery – dream interpretation

Hardship, suffering and misery are certainly things that none of us want. For some people, fear or concern about financial constraints and impoverishment can even lead them to become excessively thrifty. Because if “bad times” arise, they have definitely taken precautions.

We can also encounter illness, grief or an emergency in dreams. We can find ourselves in a hospital, an addiction clinic or a retirement home – even though in the waking world we are still far too young and healthy for such a facility. But does such a dream simply express the fear that such a situation could arise? Or is there perhaps more to this dream content?

Dream symbol “misery” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, anyone who sees themselves in misery in their dream can soon look forward to a rich inheritance. If you find yourself in distress in a dream or live in a slum, you will become one in the waking world News received, which is accompanied by sadness and grief. As a result, the sleeper’s previous zeal for wealth will also come to a standstill.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer sees other people rummaging through misery or garbage while sleeping, he will face hardships in the future. This dream situation can also indicate the envy of others and arguments between friends.

Living in need and worry as a dream symbol often also symbolizes weakness and Lack of strength. The dreamer feels unable to cope with his tasks in the waking world or feels too restricted by his current life circumstances.

In addition, the dream image of “misery” in connection with impoverishment and pain can symbolize that the person affected lacks the funds or talent in waking life to achieve their goals. If the misery in the dream is perceived as a plague, you may be in for an unpleasant visit.

If a misfortune happens to you in a dream that plunges the dreamer into misery, you should be careful incalculable risks guard in the real world. Otherwise it can be harmful to the sleeper. If one dreams of a miserable need or emergency, this can indicate excessive stinginess, which arises from the fear of impoverishment.

Lack of money as a dream symbol usually indicates poor self-esteem or a feeling of powerlessness.

Dream symbol “misery” – the psychological interpretation

Viewed from a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “misery” can be seen as a Warning signal of the unconscious can be understood. Because the dreamer is in the waking world doing something that could harm him. Even those who act against their innermost convictions can dream of misery and tribulation.

If you see other people having a misfortune or crisis in a dream, you should have your own good living situation become conscious in reality. The sleeper should recognize through his dream how well he is doing and should be satisfied with it.

If the dreamer perceives the misery of the dream as a burden or burden, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, happiness and joy will soon be in store for him.

If the dreamer wants to help other people who are in misery in his dream, he himself will soon become valuable Help receive. However, if in the dream he is indifferent to this miserable fate, the person concerned must expect a stroke of fate.

Dream symbol “misery” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream of misery and poverty as a sign of one Self-defamation of the dreamer.

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