Mastery – Dream Interpretation

The term mastery expresses that one is master of something. It can be used in both a positive and negative sense. Dominant themes in public opinion are things that a lot of people talk about. Mastering an instrument or a foreign language expresses special abilities. When the word domination refers to people, it means the exercise of power or dominance. Self-control, in turn, is an expression of discipline because you are able to suppress your own impulses.

Mastery - Dream Interpretation

A dream with the dream image “control” is likely to make the sleeper feel uncomfortable. Someone who exercises power or is “in charge” can also abuse it.

To interpret the dream, you should be clear about whether the dreamer is in the role of the controlling person or whether he or she is in control.

Dream symbol “mastery” – the general interpretation

If someone dreams of controlling others, the dream symbol expresses their desire for that Power and wealth. The dream may be striving for a higher professional position. According to traditional dream analysis, the dream indicates that he has to fight hard for advancement. But the effort will ultimately be worth it, both in terms of social reputation and in material terms.

If you observe in a dream how a person determines others, the dream image of “control” is to be understood as a request that authority to be accepted by superiors. The boss may be controlling the dreamer in reality without the dreamer noticing it. According to the dream interpretation, he perceives the surveillance unconsciously. He deals with it in his dream.

According to popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “control” also expresses a feeling of superiority out of. The sleeper sees through the people who want to control him and is therefore in a better position. If you lose your temper because you are angry with someone, the dream heralds trouble and worries in the family area.

Dream symbol “mastery” – the psychological interpretation

According to the understanding of psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “control” symbolizes the need for Influence. The sleeper is a personality who wants to shape and shape his living environment. However, there is a risk that this behavior will turn into domineering and a thirst for power.

According to dream interpretation, the dream image “mastery” reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the dreamer. Personalities that exist in real life Inhibitions suffer and cannot assert themselves well, often dream of dominating others. On the one hand, the dream can be a request from the subconscious to develop more self-confidence and to overcome internal blockages. On the other hand, the dream symbol “control” can warn against arrogance and abuse of power.

According to psychological dream analysis, mastering one’s personal area of ​​life is a desire Self-determination to understand. The dream symbol “control” shows that control over their life is important to the dreaming person. There may be someone in reality who is trying to influence her decisions.

Dream symbol “mastery” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “mastery” is a symbol of one higher force. It is the creative power of the transcendent realm and shows itself in dreams as energy that flows through everything. The dream symbol asks the dreamer who has strayed from the right path of spiritual development to allow himself to be guided.

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