Elf – dream interpretation

Even though most people only know elves from films and stories, some people may be wondering whether they actually exist. These light and vibrantly vibrating natural creatures. Their job is to nurture and care for plants and prevent damage to nature. Flowers like the cowslip, a type of primrose, are associated with the elves: these pretty plants are believed to be particularly loved and protected by the little fantasy creatures.

But how does dream interpretation see the dream symbol “elf” and how is it interpreted from different perspectives?

Dream symbol “elf” – the general interpretation

If an elf flies through our dream world, according to general dream interpretation, this can result in a strong desire for one romantic express oriented love relationship.

If you are surrounded by several elves in a dream, there may be two love candidates between whom you should actually choose, but are unable to do so at the moment. The dreaming person fears that he will make the wrong decision and cannot unequivocally answer the question of which of the two “candidates” he loves more.

The unsuccessful attempt to reach for the elf in the dream situation promises rather sad news in love matters. No matter how hard the dreamer tries, the elf always escapes him.

If she flees or disappears into nothingness, you shouldn’t have too high hopes in the current love situation. However, if the elf hides and carefully looks at the dreamer again and again, this can also be an indication that things are wrong patient should be addressed and not fall into the house with the door.

If you are kissed by an elf in a dream, according to traditional dream interpretation, the wedding bells will ring because an engagement is imminent.

Dream symbol “elf” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, anyone who dreams of elves often longs for more Lightheartedness in life. Just as the elf floats through the air, dreamers also want a kind of playful lightness. Perhaps this wish results from a very conservative life, which actually does not correspond to the nature of the dreaming person at all.

The dream of an elf, perhaps with a bluebell hat, can also be a sign of one Escapism be. However, this can be quite dangerous if you are no longer able to distinguish between play and seriousness.

Dreams of this nature can often occur in people who have never really outgrown their childhood. They still believe that they are children, that they can pass on all responsibility to others and that they do not have to fear any consequences for their actions. The person affected may have had a traumatic childhood experience that did not instill basic trust and self-confidence to the required extent.

In addition, the dream symbol “elf” can also be a hint from the subconscious not to take situations in everyday life too stubbornly or too seriously. The goal should be one balanced ratio to create a balance between duty and free time and perhaps to let “five” be straight more often.

Dream symbol “elf” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “Elf” shows the. from a spiritual point of view occupation of the dreamer with other levels of existence. If similar dreams occur more often, he should seek more access to these things.

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