Broken neck – dream interpretation

A broken neck is a very serious injury. It often occurs as a result of traffic accidents in which the neck and neck area is exposed to strong kinetic energy, for example in the event of an impact, and the cervical vertebrae break. If the upper vertebrae separate from the base of the skull, this is almost always fatal for the person affected. However, many neck fractures can be treated in hospital, although they are often accompanied by other serious injuries.

A broken neck can also find its way into our dreams as a symbol. Here too, it happens that we have a car accident or receive a strong blow to the neck and feel our cervical vertebrae break.

When we wake up from such a dream, we are often relieved and happy that it was not a real experience: we are safe and sound in bed. But what can a broken neck mean as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “broken neck” – the general interpretation

Sometimes the symbol “broken neck” appears in a dream because the person affected is physically in an unfavorable sleeping position. His subconscious processes the resulting real neck pain in a dream situation.

More often, however, the broken neck in the dream has a figurative meaning. He leaves one risk-takers Character close. The affected person tends to undertake daring activities in everyday life and does not always have the possible consequences of their behavior in mind. Certain things threaten to grow over his head in the long term. This is particularly true for dreams in which the neck is broken as a result of a rear-end collision with a car.

If it is a car accident for which the dreamer is not to blame, but in which he suffers a broken neck, the symbol can appear Driven warn which ones cannot be controlled. There may also be opponents in the person’s life. In the near future, you should try to keep an eye on the enemy’s devious machinations as best you can.

This interpretation also applies if the person affected receives a blow to the neck in the dream situation and breaks their neck. Sometimes such a dream also refers to the need Viewpoint to change and to better put yourself in the other person’s shoes when there is an argument.

Dream symbol “broken neck” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a broken neck shows that the person affected not in harmony is with itself. The bridge between body and mind is broken in the dream situation.

This circumstance can figuratively mean that the dreamer acted differently in everyday life or in a certain situation than his values ​​and beliefs actually dictate. The dreamed broken neck calls for you to work through the matter and come to terms with yourself again.

Dream symbol “broken neck” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, a broken neck in a dream shows one overload at. Based on this, the mental balance is disturbed and the spiritual development of the person affected is interrupted.

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