Secret – dream interpretation

Each of us has probably had a secret at some point. And vice versa, many people have already had the experience of being told a secret by someone else. How we deal with this certainly depends primarily on our character. While some people can keep quiet without much effort, others are unable to keep themselves quiet and tend to spill secrets.

This can easily happen to us on a completely different level – in our dreams. It also happens here that a secret is revealed to us and we tell it to others, perhaps even without any intention. Sometimes we ourselves have a secret that we don’t want anyone to know about. Or we encounter a puzzle that, when solved, reveals a secret.

But what do such dreams mean? Let’s take a closer look at the dream interpretation of the secret…

Dream symbol “secret” – the general interpretation

If you have a secret in your dream that no one is allowed to know about, you may also be afraid in real life easily seen through to become. The person concerned is very likely not even involved in evil machinations, but still does not want to reveal everything about themselves openly. This character trait makes him particularly interesting to those around him, but at the same time makes him appear aloof at times. The dream about the secret asks you to take a closer look at your own fear of opening up.

A dream in which another person confides a secret to you, perhaps in a whisper, symbolizes a particularly deep one, according to general opinion friendly relationship. Good social reputation can also be expressed in this way. Other people appreciate the trusting nature of the dreamer. Sometimes learning a secret is also taken as a sign that Wishes of the person concerned will be fulfilled in the near future. An imminent piece of news could therefore be particularly important for him.

The symbol of secrets in dreams only represents a precise warning if the person concerned reveals something intimate. So if he dreams of revealing a secret, he should be prepared for what’s to come bad luck and stop the loss of his good reputation.

Anyone who wants to discover a secret in a dream as a spy also uses unfair means in waking life to achieve their goals.

Dream symbol “secret” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, it is assumed that experiencing previously unknown things provides insights into one’s own Personality structure gives. The person affected gets to know parts of their inner being that were previously hidden. This is how he learns more about himself. At the same time, his subconscious asks him to observe certain character traits and behavior more intensively in everyday life.

On the other hand, if you dream of having a secret yourself, you may long for more in real life Variety. In this case, psychoanalysts assume that the symbol “secret” represents the longing for exciting experiences. The dreamer’s imagination should also be stimulated in this context.

Dream symbol “secret” – the spiritual interpretation

A secret in a spiritual dream can indicate an important step in personal development. Anyone who uncovers a secret is on the right track new findings.

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