Faust – dream interpretation

A fist is formed when the hand is clenched, the fingers are rolled up and the thumb is closed around them. With this clenched fist, the punching power of the hand becomes much greater and more effective. Therefore, the clenched fist is usually a sign of aggressiveness and assertiveness. In fist fights or boxing matches, people fight with clenched fists and anyone who wants to end an argument hits the table with their fist to give a strong word.

The expressive gesture of the fist can also appear in the dream world and play an important role in dream research.

Dream symbol “fist” – the general interpretation

In order to correctly interpret the fist in the dream world, the context should always be taken into account. If the fist appears threatening to the dreamer, then it symbolizes something to come Danger. The dreamer should definitely take this warning into account and consider where this danger can come from in the waking world.

If the dreamer clenches his fist while sleeping, then he will face impending dangers and problems with courage and courage determination confront. In this way he will also be able to avert these difficulties. However, this dream image can also herald a dispute in the dreaming environment.

If the dreamer manages to remove an obstacle in the dream world with his clenched fist, then this indicates the dreamer’s high level of energy. With this energy he will be able to achieve a lot and eliminate difficulties.

But it can also be that the dreamer clenches his fist and raises it against someone in the dream world. If this is the case, then the dream image indicates the dreamer’s striving to always want to be in the foreground.

If, for example, during a fight, the clenched fist appears in front of the dreamer’s face, an unpleasant one is about to happen attack of a hostile person.

Dream symbol “faust” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the fist is seen as a combative sign interpreted. The fist shows active, hands-on and practical energy and drive. The fist achieves something, although it often acts rather roughly and clumsily.

Depending on the dreamer’s current life situation, there can also be internal tensions in the dreamed fist aggressiveness or show anger. Dreamers often feel that the waking world doesn’t pay enough attention to what they want to change by force. The fist shows that they often want to force attention. It may also be that someone wants to resolve a dispute with the dreamed fist by force because they lack the arguments in waking life.

Dream symbol “Faust” – the spiritual interpretation

The fist is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol for the active Energy interpreted by the dreamer.

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