Jelly – dream interpretation

In general, the term “jelly” refers to foods with a gelatinous consistency. Very often, jelly is understood to mean fruit juice cooked with sugar and heavily thickened. This is usually eaten as a spread.

However, jelly does not necessarily have to be sweet. In a salty version, meat jelly is made from meat broth, which is then known as “aspic”. The brawn is a cold dish in which meat or fish is marinated in jelly together with vegetables.

Therefore, for an extended dream interpretation, the ingredients from which the jelly is cooked in the dream should also be considered or the type of jelly should also be taken into account. Maybe they were blueberries, blackberries, tart cranberries or currants? Or perhaps people made cranberry, medlar or quince jelly in their sleep? A salty alternative would also be conceivable.

Dream symbol “jelly” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “jelly” can be used within the general interpretation of dreams as a symbol for an action or measure prevention be considered. The dreamer prepares internally for difficult times – or should do so and divides his energies correctly. Because this is the only way he will get through these problematic times without any worries.

Cooking jelly in a dream can indicate a joyful reunion with friends. If you also see gelatin and sugar in this dream situation, this is also understood as an indication of the pleasant side of life. If you pour boiled jam into a glass in a dream, the dreamer should become aware of happy and pleasant events from the past.

In this dream image, you should also consider what the jelly is made from. Generally speaking, fruit jelly during sleep usually illustrates success and success enjoyment of life. Red berry jelly as a dream symbol wants to draw attention to rivals in the immediate area, while fruit pulp made from black berries tends to bring worries and heartache.

Anyone who eats a sour jelly in their dream should be prepared for annoyances and arguments in the waking world. According to general dream analysis, good-tasting jam as a dream image brings travel and unexpected things Luck with yourself.

Dream symbol “jelly” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, berry jelly in dreams usually symbolizes sexual needs. The dreamer should become aware of these in the waking world. However, he should not pursue this carelessly. If you cook a jelly mass in a pot while you sleep, you get an indication of certain character traits that you would like to integrate differently into your life.

If the sleeper makes aspic from meat or fish in his dream, his sexual desires force into his consciousness. The dreamer should take a closer look at these and not simply ignore them. Making a brawn in a dream from carrots or other vegetables can also be understood as a sexual hint to the person concerned.

According to psychological dream interpretation, sweet jelly as a dream symbol is an expression of sensual pleasures. The dreamer would like to indulge in this in waking life. The erotic area is also addressed, but not only.

Dream symbol “jelly” – the spiritual interpretation

Transcendent dream analysis sees in the symbol “jelly” the dreamer’s longing for optimism and hope in spiritual things.

In addition, his dream should make him aware that he is himself spiritual energy should be saved for a time when he urgently needs it.

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