Lizard – dream interpretation

The lizard belongs to a family of reptiles that are scaled reptiles. They are similar to the related iguanas and monitor lizards, but they are much larger. The lizard is mainly found in sunny and dry habitats. There they feed on small invertebrates or fruits or seeds.

These animals have a special trick up their sleeves: when threatened, they can throw off their tails. This twitches for a few minutes so that a predator is distracted; the lizard itself can escape. The tail then grows back again – slightly shortened.

The lizard can also appear in the dream world and significantly influence the interpretation of dreams. Anyone who has experienced a strikingly large lizard in a dream may have encountered a monitor lizard – or a scary lizard person.

Dream symbol “lizard” – the general interpretation

If a lizard appears in the dream world, it is often a symbol of one turn. This can be an improvement in business matters or in other current projects of the dreamer.

The lizard often also has a warning role. Reptiles such as a hedgehog or a gecko should remind the dreamer that one should not be deterred by external appearances. Especially when it comes to finding good friends, appearances are not important.

In some dreams, however, the lizard also warns of hostile people who want to harm the dreamer. This can also be about Treason act.

If it is a bright green lizard, then it is symbolic misunderstandings, which can, however, also be clarified again. A gray lizard heralds quarrels and trouble caused by people who abuse the dream’s trust.

Dream symbol “lizard” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the lizard is usually classified as harmless. Like the salamander, for example, it symbolizes that above all subconscious and the premonitions that the dreamer can get as a result.

In this context, it also reminds the dreamer to listen more to these messages from the subconscious. Since in dream research it is seen as a small dragon, which is however completely harmless, it shows that the dreamer in the waking world would like to be bigger and more influential than he actually is. So he likes to pretend to be more than he actually is.

However, sometimes the lizard in the dream world turns into a threatening monster that frightens the dreamer. This is where a warning from the subconscious appears, because the dreamer’s urges threaten to get out of control.

Other interpretation approaches interpret the dreamed lizard as a symbol for unfavorable and envious people who can be dangerous to the dreamer. Depending on the dream plot, the lizard can also represent misunderstandings or disappointments as well as symbolize disputes. For the exact interpretation of the dream, the current life situation of the dreamer is always crucial.

Dream symbol “lizard” – the spiritual interpretation

If a lizard appears in the dream world, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets this dream image as a sign of his inner voice and his hunches listen.

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