Skydiving – dream interpretation

A courageous or perhaps rather fearful jump, the incomparable feeling of free fall, then the parachute that opens above you, gently rocks you and accompanies you to the ground – skydiving as a hobby can, like many extreme sports, be addictive.

The parachute became increasingly popular as a sports instrument in the 1950s; previously it was of particular interest to the military. Parachutes were often used, especially during the Second World War. But already in the Renaissance people tried to build parachutes and similar flight aids; after all, people have dreamed of flying since time immemorial. – Is this what makes us dream of skydiving? What does dream interpretation say about this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “skydiving” – the general interpretation

The dream of skydiving can be interpreted in very different ways, depending on the personal situation of the dreamer and the context of the dream. On the one hand, the dream symbol can represent something very positive in dream interpretation:

The dreamer leaves with a conscience Mut through life, he feels caught or carried, just as the parachute catches him when he jumps. Even if he doesn’t succeed at something, he won’t crash, but will come out unscathed. In some cases, the dream symbol even encourages you to take risks.

On the other hand, dreaming about skydiving can also be a warning be careful not to expose yourself to unnecessary danger. The dreamer may have big plans and should plan ahead carefully. The dream warns you to look at the situation realistically so as not to fall back to earth.

The dream becomes clear when the dreamer’s parachute cannot be opened and he falls to the ground unchecked. Such nightmares about crashes contain a warning not to deal with new projects in the near future; popularly, the dream image also represents psychological ones pain and Grief. A successful emergency landing, on the other hand, shows that failure can be averted at the last moment.

Observing many parachutists is traditionally understood as a sign of a mass movement, perhaps reminiscent of old war images.

Dream symbol “skydiving” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the parachute jump often symbolizes the dreamer’s attitude to his plans and shows how he is currently going through life. What is crucial for dream interpretation is how the dreamer feels during his parachute jump – either he is facing his fears or leaving fearless approaches things, or he perceives everything as (too) big Dangerwhich he would rather not expose himself to.

If he cannot open the parachute in the dream and falls, this indicates that he no longer knows a way out of a situation.

Dream symbol “skydiving” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the dream image represents Freedom and independence of the dreamer. He rises above the surface of things.

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