Rot – dream interpretation

When you hear the term “rotten”, the first thing that comes to mind may be a cold, dark basement or an old building that is falling into disrepair. The rot is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell or stench. Because this is released when certain things decompose. We can also encounter rotting in fruit and vegetables. Who hasn’t thrown a black, mushy banana into the trash or thrown away white-covered strawberries? But the term mold or mold is perhaps more common here.

Rot - dream interpretation

At the same time, rot appears in connection with everything organic. The roots of plants rot if they receive too much water. Teeth also rot or organs are eaten away by cancer cells. The term putrefaction is usually equated with decay, transience and death.

On the dream level, the dream symbol “rot” can also appear to us in very different situations, be it in connection with a building or a room or even in relation to food.

Dream symbol “rot” – the general interpretation

The dream of rot and mildew can be referred to within the general dream analysis bad luck in the family or an illness. The dreamer should deal with this in the waking world in order to process it. However, if he doesn’t do this, psychological damage can occur.

Also difficulties in the partnership can be expressed in a rot dream. The dream should make the sleeper aware that he lacks the energy to continue his relationship. Because this is already in the dissolution phase. The unconscious person has already recognized this fact, but the conscious mind does not want to deal with it yet.

If the putrefaction in the dream is also accompanied by fermentation, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the dreamer receives an indication of processes that take place in secret but are known to the sleeper. Here in the waking world, waiting is the order of the day. Because soon the processes will become clearly visible.

If you observe mold on walls or in rooms in connection with the dream symbol “rotting”, you should have your own depressive attitude be shown. The dreamer is afraid of wasting his life because in his eyes he always does the same thing.

If you smell a rotten smell in a dream due to a plague, you may face losses in business.

Dream symbol “rot” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “rotten”, especially in connection with decay, symbolizes a psychological stressful phase of life. The dreamer is experiencing this in his waking life and makes him question all of his previous values ​​and ideals. Furthermore, he has not yet succeeded in replacing these principles with new ones or in adding new

The dream of rot, decay and decomposition is also seen as a common sign of decay and resolution viewed in the waking world. The person affected should become aware that they should separate themselves from character traits that can no longer be of use to them. This can be quite painful for the dreamer. But if he doesn’t act, these qualities will fester inside him and torment him in the future.

The dream image of decay and rot can also be interpreted as an invitation. The dreamer should more self-critical and also show the courage to change. Because these can turn out to be positive and you shouldn’t always assume the worst.

Dream symbol “rot” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, a rot dream can be… Angst of the dreamer before a new beginning. Because for him this new beginning is accompanied by destruction and dissolution.

In some cases, the dream image of “rotting” can also indicate death. However, that doesn’t mean that someone necessarily has to die, just that something ends or a part of your personality dies and becomes detached.

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